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Today was a good day. Blue skies, sunshine, swimming pools and a bit of Stellenbosch.
There were strawberries, there was brandy (good brandy), and there was wine (my favourite wine, nogal). Later, if the stars are to be believed, there may even be very nice Asian food. And in between, there was even time to get some photos up onto Flickr.

It would seem that the summer holidays are well and truly underway. And I’m quite happy about that.

keDecember continues apace

Although there’s still a bit of laboratory work to be done, things have slowed down considerably. As an example, one of my more taxing engagements today involved watching the kids play in the pool.

Another was walking the beagle on the local school field, thus:


It’s actually quite difficult to find this sort of thing in any way stressful.

Later this evening, a “Carols By Candlelight” event, which is actually a “Carols By Glowstick” event, thanks to the Nanny State overreacting to those people that never got hurt in that fire that never happened during Hark The Herald Angels Singe (pun intended), a couple of years back.

Autumn is coming…


This shouldn’t really come as any sort of surprise to people around here. This happened last year at this time, if I recall correctly. And possibly also once before – was it 2011 maybe? Anyway, I digress. The combination of the time of year and a stiff overnight breeze resulted in a veritable plethora of leaves all over the floor. A sure sign from Mother Nature that it’s been hot and sunny for long enough.


It doesn’t mean that summer is quite over – we still have a couple of days this week which are going to hit 30ºC – but the nights are getting noticeably cooler and the mornings noticeably darker.  I know you’ve noticed it too.

I don’t want to call it just yet, but it’s coming.
Be ready Cape Town, because summer is almost over.