Day 387 – Nature, innit?

A few photos as promised.

Mole snake on the beach. Cape Bunting in the bushes. Cape Spurfowl in the garden.

Better than bathrooms, right?

One cool thing I noticed was the reflection of me and my daughter in the eye of the snake:

… we remained a respectful distance away. Promise.

Day 386 – Aaaand relax

It’s been a hectic few weeks after our house move. There’s been a lot going on at home, at school and at work. That’s why when the opportunity to get away to the cottage for the weekend popped up, we jumped at the chance.

Right now, I’m next to the braai with a beagle at my feet. Later, I intend to be in bed for a long, long time, and beyond that, aside from walking on the beach, I have very little planned.

Expect photos tomorrow perhaps.


Day 385 – Quite the bathroom(s)

A house near our old house has just gone on sale. I had a quick wander round the photographs. It needs (a lot of) work, but the potential is incredible.

The house is going for a cool R7.2 million. Decent value if you’re able to spend about the same again doing it up.
I’m not going to buy it. Just so you know.

The bathrooms were especially striking:

Seriaas, bra?

Met eish, ja?!

Ay Caramba!

Looks like the same ‘tog that did our place has been at work here, again. Huge overuse of the Dehaze and Clarity sliders is clearly evident throughout (I rejected a few of the images that we were sent for approval because it looked like a cartoon house in a cartoon world). But then, you can’t really blame her for the tiles or the decor. I know very well that there’s only so much that you do when presented with something awful that you have to photograph and make it look nice, and with that kind of scene, perhaps attempting to camouflage it in post as much as possible is probably the best way forward.

Day 384 – Whose blog is it anyway?

Them: “Look, I know that these autumnal sunrises are pretty and all, but you can’t just keep using them as quota photos for blog posts!”

Me: “Ha!”

So, with that established, here are a couple of quota photos of the autumnal sunrise this morning. (Sat=0)

Delicious anti-crepuscular rays included.

It’s going to be a scorcher of a day. Stay cool!