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It’s all about me.
(well, it is on this page, anyway)

I’m forty-and-a-little-bit years old, stunningly good looking and happily married. We have a small (but rapidly growing) bundle of joy known as 0.6, born April 2006 and (only slightly) smaller bundle of joy, K-pu (aka Scoop) who joined us in July 2008.

I do science for a living. I have a degree in it and a Masters in it. Until recently, I did science with TB.
I enjoy blogging, football, being a Dad and taking photos now I’m not doing science with TB.

I’m English born and bred, but have been living in Cape Town for several whole years. Life in South Africa takes a little getting used to, but I think I’m just about there now. Yes – it took a while.

I hail from Sheffield, deep in the Republic of South Yorkshire and thus, I tend not to hold back with my opinions. I say what I like and I like what I say – on politics, sport, music, life – anything really. In turn, I welcome comments on the things that I write – just please read the terms and conditions here first. It helps if you then abide by them, too.

6000 miles… started as a way of keeping in touch with people back in the UK and although it has moved on and evolved from solely being a personal diary, I make no apologies for occasionally writing completely personal stuff on here. If you don’t like it – don’t read it. Simple as.

Why 6000 miles…? Simple – because that’s the approximate distance from the UK to South Africa. (Give or take, anyway).
Yes, it’s tongue in cheek. No, I don’t really think South Africa is uncivilised.
If you needed that explaining to you then you should probably leave now. This probably isn’t the place for you and you will be mercilessly ridiculed. This may upset you further.

The current tagline: “Now enjoy your own hannah Hannah on the paths of dogs, etc., which are not gut-wrenching.” is (sort of) explained here.

Previous taglines have included:
[You might have been born here, but] “…you’re not British; cheering on our collapse from foreign shores, pointing and laughing like some latter-day Haw Haw. Sick.” is from hyperbole artist and staunch, scaremongering Remoaner, Graham Hughes. Yeah, I had to correct his grammar a bit.
…it’s sad that children are missing out on this level of lame genius” is borrowed from this tweet by Jonathan Witt.
“…hiding behind anonymity and getting facts wrong” taken from this tweet by Tim Noakes fangirl and “journalist” Marika Sboros.
Just another victim of the Global Beagle Management Crisis” (via Jacques Rousseau, wholly accurate and pretty much self-explanatory).
…irresponsible, and damaging to the reputation of bloggers generally“, taken from this post by Christine von Ulmenstein (I won the prestigious Sour Service Award in question for this post) (so proud).
Someone who can make me care about expiring produce can make me care about anything” which came from this tweet by Murray Hunter.

But you’re probably itching to get back and read the latest, so I won’t keep you any longer. Oh – and if you don’t want to miss a thing, might I suggest a subscription to our RSS feed? Or a pop over to our Facebook page?

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