Warning lights

This was me this morning (well, apart from the “really fast” bit), waking up after my first gym session in 3 weeks.

But yesterday went well, and so I did the same in the heat again this morning in an attempt to reinforce some sort of dominance over what is left of my musculature. Managing the post-Covid tachycardia carefully (several emergency phone calls would have been made if I hadn’t switched that feature on my watch off), I eventually managed a few decent uphill kilometres on the static bike and several (or more) weights. And then into the pool for a desperately needed cool down on what is definitely the hottest day of the summer season thus far.

And it all feels ok. A bit hurty, but good hurty, rather than damaged hurty. Tomorrow morning will be another test, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how well things have gone thus far.

Football next Tuesday is the aim, but that seems quite a long way off at the moment.
Still – let’s see. Onward and upward.

I need to get going

A mildly sniffly nose, a slight cough and the occasional headache are all that remain of my recent Covid infection. And if that doesn’t sound too bad, it’s because it’s really not.


Sadly, exercise is still a bit of a bridge too far, and because of the otherwise very mild symptoms, that’s really annoying. A gentle 2km stroll along the prom in Sea Point yesterday exhausted me, which really shouldn’t be the case. I was in bed by 8:30pm. Again.

Look, I’m already far further on than back in 2021, but it’s so frustrating that I’m breathless after walking up a flight of stairs, and heavy-legged after a short walk. I should be out on the mountain today, doing an easy hike with friends, but given yesterday’s experience, it was always going to be a non-starter.

I’m mindful that each week I miss is going to take several (or more) weeks to recover, and that that ratio is only going to increase the longer I leave it, but the thought of even getting on a bike or going for a run is just beyond me at the moment. Legs don’t work.

The fightback needs to begin soon.

Just not today.

Not what I was going to do

I had – I still have – a plan for a “proper” post about politics. But wow. While I’m on the mend from the nastier symptoms of that virus, the brain fog, the breathlessness and the fatigue.

It’s really draining and it’s not prompting me to get involved with anything serious or requiring thought this afternoon. (Breathlessness was not a factor here.)

Do narcoleptics feel tired all the time? Or is it just an “I feel fine zzzzzz” thing? I ask because I am constantly on the cusp of falling asleep today. And the dangers are real: a comfortable couch at the piano lesson. The subdued lighting at tonight’s dodgeball practice.

These things don’t help…

So the political post will wait for another day. Sadly, it’s not time sensitive: politics isn’t going anywhere.

Me? I’m going to bed.


Feeling very chilled out in the sticks. Yesterday evening was rough – I was not well – but I’m fighting back after a good night’s sleep and an additional nap this lunchtime.

Bit overcast this morning…

…but the muted yellows of the Klein Karoo scrub and the fresh greens of the local farmland really don’t need the full sun to make them pop.

And the mildly ethereal white horse finishes the view from the wood-fired hot tub nicely there.

Hoping for some clearer skies for a bit of night time ‘togging later, but that’s assuming I can find the energy to put up my tripod*.

* not a euphemism