Day 593 – Bounce

After a fairly horrendous night of sleep, which left me expecting to be in pieces today, I appear to have bounced back somewhat.
Who knows what my immune system is doing? Who knows how I’d be feeling with fewer drugs in me? Or more drugs? Or different drugs?

Who is even keeping score anymore?

It’s weird, and inexplicable, but I’ll take it.

And I have taken it. I managed to get almost a million* jobs done this morning which had previously been hanging over me for the past few weeks. The ‘to do’ list is much shortened and things are looking neater, tidier, cleaner. Fitter, happier, more productive.

Sure, reality will prevail by 8 this evening, I know: my legs are already telling me what’s coming (and they know their stuff). But as an unexpected bonus, the last eight hours or so have been pretty good.

* actually only a very slight exaggeration

Day 590 – Rough end

It’s been a bit of a rough end to the week. The treatment plan, designed to dampen down my immune system and prevent nasty flare-ups (while also replacing important things that I might not be getting enough of, treating its own possible side-effects and also mitigating any nasty flare-ups that it can’t prevent) was overwhelmed and everything came back.

No taste, hypersalivation, huge fatigue, aches, pains, shortness of breath, palpitations and a complete loss of brain function. Durr.


12½ hours of sleep later and some drugs – this is just this morning’s selection of ons and ins – and I’m vaguely back with the programme. (Beagle-eyed viewers will note that some of these tablets are the same as others. But not all of them. That’s what keeps things interesting.)

But I really do think I need to start to be ahead of the programme again at 8 each morning if I’m going to get through a whole day unscathed.

And this morning, I’m installing an oven.

What could possibly go wrong?

Day 579 – Back to the Rock

The new drugs have allowed me enough wiggle room to commit to three days on Robben Island. I don’t think I would be going if it wasn’t for some nice pharmaceutical intervention. I’ve spent the day cooking, shopping and packing, and somehow, I have kept going. It could all go dramatically south once the adrenaline wears off, but until that time, I’m riding a happy wave.

The next few days are going to be very busy, but a lot of fun. Look out for several (or more) photos on Instagram and something short each day on here.

Before that, an hour of dodgeball. Thankfully, I’m just watching.

And then some delicious sleep. Thankfully, I have plans to take part in that one.

Day 578 – A New Hope

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity of a free consultation with an eminent consultant pulmonologist, and despite having said that that was that as far as medical intervention goes, I decided that I couldn’t turn it down.

Long story short, he was deeply unimpressed by my previous doc’s assertion that I must just give it six months. I am now on a combination of drugs so cocktailly that Tom Cruise has popped by twice, just to give them a quick shake for me.

Sadly though, the key drug in this novel treatment plan is so damn popular at the moment (no, it’s not that one), that there’s none of it in Cape Town: massive shortages are probably caused by Brexit. So, I have no idea whether this new approach and new regimen is actually working, because the main protagonist is absent.

That said, I am fairly sure that one of the other star performers of my veritable smorgasbord of medication – a Schedule 6 puppy, nogal – is having a positive effect, and the dampening down of certain symptoms is very, very welcome. I’m not sure I would be up and around today after yesterday’s excitement, without it.

Right now, I’m about to get on with my daily exercises: blowing a ball bearing up a tube and walking a beagle around the block. Please, please let me get those two the right way around this evening.
Last night was not great.