Day 252 – Here it comes…

I’ve been predicting this for a while.
It’s not like I needed a crystal ball and some fake psychic powers. I just had to look around me.

Jury’s out as to whether this is our final, (final, final) warning or whether we’re about to head into some sort of new, stricter lockdown, but since no-one actually heeds any of the warnings anyway, we might as well just admit defeat now.

As pointed out by a 6000 miles… reader, even the Plett Rage event is going ahead. Literally thousands of 18 year olds thrown together for several (or more) days of high energy, high alcohol, high other stuff partying in one of the small town major Covid hotspots in the Southern Cape.
And it’s not just going ahead – it’s sold out:

What – as the question goes – could go wrong?

I’ve got no more answers for you. At this point, we’re just doomed.

Happy Holidays!

Day 251 – This new world

We watched our daughter perform on stage tonight for the first time in… ages.

The end of year school concert. Marvellous.

Obviously, we weren’t allowed to be there to see it in person, but thanks to the miracles of technology, it was streamed on Youtube this evening. And so the family huddled around the Samsung Curved TV in the corner and enjoyed a stunning rendition of Colours Of The Wind from Disney’s Pocahontas.

Some proper rainbowism in a difficult year for racial relations.

Tomorrow (no concerts) I have to find time to bang in a couple of extra blog posts because I am away for a couple of days next week at a place with… no internet.

I was reminded of this album title:

I’m not into digital detoxing. I don’t need it. I’m a reasonable user. I just like to stay in touch.

But weirdly, I am also kinda looking forward to it.

More of that later though. Right now I’m off to share Youtube links with proud grandparents.

Day 249 – A Fun Day

I helped out with one of the school Fun Days today. We went to Fishhoek beach and we had a great time. It was a reminder that if kids are allowed to just get on with being kids, then they will be kids.
We did the things that the kids wanted to do.
We played in the water, we played football, we built sandcastles.

It was a fantastic morning.

Fishhoek was showing off its tropical side and I did get a bit toasted by the sun – only on the bits where the sunblock had been washed off by the warm sea – my eyes are still hurting from the light bouncing off the fine, white sand.

I have also brought quite a lot of the fine, white sand home with me. It is everywhere. It will be everywhere for weeks to come.

A small price to pay for a good day out.

Day 248, part 2 – Ask and you shall receive…

In Cape Agulhas, no-one is wearing a mask. Not in shops, not in bars, not in public.

There’s no sanitiser to use on your hands as you enter buildings.

It’s like there’s no viral pandemic happening.

Also in Cape Agulhas, there has been a 317% increase in cases of Covid-19 according to the latest stats from the Western Cape government.

What an astonishing coincidence.

Day 247 – Recaps and explanations

Right. Lots to discuss here.

I’m sitting outside in the sunshine on another perfect day at the cottage, the gentle breeze taking the edge off the heat of the late spring sunshine, my computer in front of me and the blackest of Carling Labels at my side. Christine and Queens is playing on my Spotify Daily Mix and life seems generally rather good right now.

It wasn’t always this way, though. The Other Project, which I have mentioned a few times over the last couple of weeks, was selling our house. And that has been extremely stressful, with suspensive clauses everywhere and deadlines being stretched until the very last moment.

Long story short, the last of those clauses was met yesterday, which was incidentally the last day of one of the deadlines. And that’s every reason to celebrate, which we did last night, before crashing into bed just before 9, dead from stress, insomnia and physical exhaustion. Hence yesterday’s blog post*.

It’s been a great measure of just what the human body is capable of on auto-pilot.
And yeah, ok, that blog post wasn’t a good example.

And so we’re all done on our house, which means that we can now move to our new place. And no. It isn’t in the UK or Canada or New Zealand or Perth. It’s here: in SA; it’s in Cape Town.

It’s actually just up the road, which makes me wonder why we are paying so much for it.


Of course, nothing happens quickly in these real estate things, and so we’re looking at a few months before we actually do move anywhere. And by ‘anywhere’, I mean the new house that we have bought, I hope.

There’s loads to do, but we’re not doing any of it this weekend. We deserve the break that we’re having right now. And if this lunchtime drink makes me sleepy this afternoon, well, guess what?

I will happily nap this afternoon.

It’s been a horrible couple of weeks, but I think we’re through it now.
And we have aa lot to look forward to, which is a real privilege this year.


* it’s a personal thing.