Find 6000

It’s getting complicated out there.

So here’s a page – regularly updated (when required) – detailing where you can find me on the internet.

If it’s linked here, it’s me. If it’s not, it’s… er… not.

Email – get in touch directly


Spotify – observe my great taste in music…

My Spotify Playlists – …or simply enjoy some ready-curated playlists


Flickr – over 1.25 million views can’t be wrong

Geoguessr – yes, I’m addicted

“Twitter” – until it becomes properly unbearable

Facebook – get updated on new blog posts here

Instagram – photos from everyday life in Cape Town and surrounds

Threads – still not sure where I’m going with this one

Youtube – occasional videos

Mastodon – backup twitter account – currently inactive


Bluesky – created October 2023, for when Twitter finally completely dies

Spoutible – backup twitter account – currently mostly inactive

Last updated: 19 October 2023