I want to write for you.
You want me to write for you.
It’s like a match made in heaven.
Let’s do this.

I have a lot of experience researching and writing on many different subjects, especially those in and around the scientific field. I am able to write (honest) reviews, blog posts and articles for your website, your magazine, your pamphlet or even for your friends and family. (I mean, I’ve never really done a friends and family one, but I’d love to give it a go.)

I pride myself on attention to detail and the ability to use stimulating language and good grammar to help keep readers engaged. After all, your clients should be focussing on your content, not wondering why there’s a stray apostrophe on the third line. (There isn’t, by the way. I also do proofreading, see?)
I write for pleasure in my spare time and for cold, hard cash during business hours. Oh, and I’m never shy of using my sense of humour (where appropriate, of course).

Click this link to grab my email address and let’s chat about what I can write for you.