Day 650 – Run

A couple of months ago, fresh from a bizarre but promising appointment with a physician, I wrote this post, in which I declared:

I’ve set myself a goal: I’m going to run 5km in 30 minutes with my son on his birthday next year

With hindsight, I probably should have asked him first, but if it becomes necessary, I’ll just pull parental rank on him.

Anyway, that run seemed like a great idea until the next two months happened and I was – once again – rather unwell. Regular readers will recall that I even chucked myself at a local pulmonologist in an effort to get better.

It didn’t work.

But the last few weeks have been better, and so I thought I’d push myself with my first run since Covid: my first run since June 27th last year.

This was never going to be a pleasant or pretty experience. BTV, I was at a level of fitness which meant I could knock out 5km in 30 minutes with not too much nastiness involved. Those days are gone (for the moment, at least).

Today’s effort was a reasonably paced 1.5km around the neighbourhood in the summer sun, including some hill. Quite a lot of hill, it seemed, although the stats seem to suggest differently.

Could I have managed 2km? No. The lights were beginning to go out at the top of the third incline, and so I thought it better to come home.

It’s quite depressing when you compare it with last June, but it’s nice to still be able to do anything, and it’s a big improvement on that first doctor’s appointment above, in which:

I got up to 6kph on a slight upward slope, for a whole 150 seconds

For the record, this was 8.8kph – including some slope – for 615 seconds. Better.

I’m really not used to starting over like this (although…). It’s clearly going to take some effort.

But I am up for the challenge.

Day 633 – It me

Spotted yesterday, this:

If you look at how other people gained their super powers: getting nibbled by a radioactive spider, being born on Krypton or having shedloads of cash and a cave under your mansion (is this right? – Ed.), most superheroes have had it fairly easy.

I haven’t had a spider bite, I was born on earth and I don’t have a mansion or a cave. So it looks like I’ll have to go via this route. And looking back at the last 5 months of my life, I would absolutely argue that this so-called “super immunity” – if I even have it – is absolutely not worth the effort.

I can’t even fly.


Day 593 – Bounce

After a fairly horrendous night of sleep, which left me expecting to be in pieces today, I appear to have bounced back somewhat.
Who knows what my immune system is doing? Who knows how I’d be feeling with fewer drugs in me? Or more drugs? Or different drugs?

Who is even keeping score anymore?

It’s weird, and inexplicable, but I’ll take it.

And I have taken it. I managed to get almost a million* jobs done this morning which had previously been hanging over me for the past few weeks. The ‘to do’ list is much shortened and things are looking neater, tidier, cleaner. Fitter, happier, more productive.

Sure, reality will prevail by 8 this evening, I know: my legs are already telling me what’s coming (and they know their stuff). But as an unexpected bonus, the last eight hours or so have been pretty good.

* actually only a very slight exaggeration

Day 590 – Rough end

It’s been a bit of a rough end to the week. The treatment plan, designed to dampen down my immune system and prevent nasty flare-ups (while also replacing important things that I might not be getting enough of, treating its own possible side-effects and also mitigating any nasty flare-ups that it can’t prevent) was overwhelmed and everything came back.

No taste, hypersalivation, huge fatigue, aches, pains, shortness of breath, palpitations and a complete loss of brain function. Durr.


12½ hours of sleep later and some drugs – this is just this morning’s selection of ons and ins – and I’m vaguely back with the programme. (Beagle-eyed viewers will note that some of these tablets are the same as others. But not all of them. That’s what keeps things interesting.)

But I really do think I need to start to be ahead of the programme again at 8 each morning if I’m going to get through a whole day unscathed.

And this morning, I’m installing an oven.

What could possibly go wrong?