Day 213 – Big plans and high hopes

I planned to have time to do proper stuff and do a proper post on here today. Suffice to say, it hasn’t happened. But it’s been a busy day full of hard work, family discussion and a bit of catching up after the Robben Island trip.

I am still exhausted.

I’ll get around to gathering some thoughts tomorrow, I hope – although this week is already looking concerningly busy…

Some good news. The Boy Wonder went out leading a team in a Western Cape Scouting competition in rain, fog and then blazing sunshine yesterday, and captained them to 1st place from nearly 50 teams. It’s a fantastic result after a fantastic effort and I’m so proud.

But right now, some down time (if you don’t mind).

Day 212 – Special

I’m exhausted. But it was all worth it.

I’ve just got back from helping out on a school trip to Robben Island, but no ordinary trip. This was an all-access visit, and so I found myself – alone – in Nelson Mandela’s prison cell this morning.

Incredible. Moving. Humbling.

But I am – as I mentioned earlier – completely knackered, so more on this tomorrow.

Day 199 – Theewaterskloof revisited

It’s was 980 days ago that we went out to Theewaterskloof Dam to see for ourselves just how bad the drought facing Cape Town actually was.

Here’s my post from the day. And here are the images I took.

Today, we went back to Theewaterskloof Dam. And wow. What a difference a day 980 days makes.

Compare this from February 2018…

…with this from this morning:

Quite chuffed how close I managed to get those two images, given that it has been 2½ years and given that the place (thankfully) looks completely different.

Cape Town will always be threatened with water shortages, given the twin issues of rapid population growth and global climate change, but this is about as good as things could be and it was a truly heartening sight.

And yes, everyone knows that the dams are back up to 100% – I didn’t need to personally go out there and take this image to prove it. But we need these little wins right now, and this comparison very much fits that agenda.

I couldn’t get the drone up – the wind was blowing like a overenthusiastic lady on Kenilworth Main Road – but there will be more photos to follow.

I’ll let you know.

UPDATE: Here you go: photos.