Day 670 – Photos up

I’ve uploaded some photos on Flickr. I’ve spared you the portraits, the people and the drunken antics and given you some different Table Mountain beauty instead.

Pop along and have a look.

I’m not sure if everyone there was having one on one conversations about living in Cape Town while we were up on the mountain, but I had several. And the general consensus was that while living in South Arica certainly has its challenges, we’re very lucky to live in our little bubble in the south west corner and so privileged to live here and to be able to enjoy experiences like our overnight trip. Having a national park on my doorstep isn’t a new thing for me: I’ve had it when living in Sheffield and Newcastle, and while I don’t use it as much as I might, living in Cape Town has reminded me how much I missed the opportunity to get out and about while living in Oxford (ironic since that is arguably the least urban – and certainly the smallest – place I’ve ever lived).

Anyway, as you might have gathered by the posts on our brief overnighter, we had a pretty amazing time, and it’s reaffirmed my project to get fit again so I can do more trips up the mountain.

Day 659 – S’ot

Another roasting day here in the Cape. Despite our best efforts, the beagle has melted into a pool of fur and ears on the kitchen floor. Even my usually cool office has been infiltrated by the ridiculous heat.

I would love to hit the pool and quaff an ice cold beer, but I have a 4pm meeting.
On a Friday.
In summer.
In Cape Town.

Who does that?

Baie frustrasie.

(Can’t really blame them, to be honest: it was a cancelled flight scenario. But that sort of factual info ruins the drama.)

On the plus side, our plans for this evening seem to have been shifted to next week, so I might take the opportunity to light the braai, because who doesn’t want to stand next to the searing heat of coals when there is searing heat everywhere else? If I put it out in the sun now, will I even need to light it?

And then, tomorrow? Well, despite the headline above, Windguru is telling me about all day drizzle. Which would be welcome right now, but also massively unexpected.

Either way, it surely can’t be as hot as today.


Day 625 – Driving games

I’ve often said that driving in Cape Town is like playing a video game. Being the age that I am, I liken it to Paperboy, but realistically, there probably a fair few elements of Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo and even maybe a bit of F1 in the mix too.

“I’m just popping to the shops, love…”

I only drove about 15km this evening, but I’m fairly sure I got a new hi-score. And that was without killing anyone. Getting a thank you from a taxi driver must have been worth a few points, as was not crashing into the back of the girl apparently doing a Tik-Tok dance with her friends in the little Hyundai in Tokai.
Additionally, the avoidance measures I had to employ on the way home were both drastic and well-executed. I could almost see the “1000” popping up as I swerved to miss an errant Uber Eats moped, and the “Bonus Level” message as I managed not to give a single finger salute to the terrible lady in the BMW 5-series who clearly hadn’t passed her test.

To be honest, I’d rather not have to worry about losing a life – literally an actual one – each time I venture out and about, but that’s just the way things are, and it does keep you on your toes.

It’s still awful.

Day 615 – Haven’t we suffered enough? (part n)

Arriving in my inbox this morning:

But I do fully intend to miss a night with Justin Bieber, dear reader. I’ll be at a school prizegiving event when they go on sale, and I can guarantee that I won’t be shedding a single frustrated tear over not being amongst the first (or indeed, the last) to pay for access to his shows.

ON THE PLUS SIDE: “only vaccinated fans permitted” – excellent – more of this sort of thing, please; and in more personal news, at least the Bok van Blerk emails seem to have stopped (for the moment, at least).