Cape Town baffled by big yellow ball

Multiple reports of bewildered local citizens are coming in this morning, as Cape Town awoke to a strange yellow ball hovering in the sky.

Some individuals claimed that they had witnessed this phenomenon previously, but when pressed, couldn’t really remember when.

Others, like Kevin van der Tinfoil from Tamboerskloof, are convinced that it represented some sort of alien activity:

It’s like nothing I’ve seen before, so it’s almost certainly aliens trying to communicate with us. What else could make a light so bright?

It’s aliens.

And that brightness was something others noticed, too. Sinethemba Ilanga from Pinelands was admitted to the Cape Town Eye Hospital after staring at the ball for “at least 20 minutes”.

I literally had never seen anything like it before, and now I literally can’t see anything at all.

Denise Argument from Brackenfell was terrified by a “dark reflection” on the ground next to her:

It’s been following me around all day. It’s terrifying. It mocks me by instantly copying all my movements. It could be an evil spirit or a message from God, but my friend Kevin says it’s aliens.

So it’s probably aliens.

The City Council has moved to bring scientists in to investigate just what the mysterious object was, but it had disappeared before they arrived, and is not expected to be seen for at least another month.

Here we go again… again.

It’s rough out there at the moment, and it’s about to get rougher

Tomorrow is so nasty, they are closing all the schools and they’ve only been open since yesterday.

And this on top of 243mm (and still counting) that we’ve had over the last week. There’s quite literally nowhere for all the water to go, and I’m saying that even though we’re right next to a big ocean. In fact, that’s actually where the bloody rain is coming from in the first place.

I’m not attributing this series of cold fronts to climate change (I’ve covered this here and here “recently”), but there’s no doubt that we are likely to experience more extreme weather events over the coming year. I read an interesting paper on the effect that this might have on our tourism industry:

And so we brace for tomorrow and the following week, in which we’re looking at another 150mm.

Need an ark built?
I Noah bloke.

More weather

Aside from a surprise heatwave (not forecast yet, but you never rule it out), we have had all the weather in the last few days.

Today, it’s more rain. With the total for the last week sitting comfortably over the 100mm mark, there’s been almost another 50mm this morning alone, it’s still falling hard and it. is. miserable.

This glum, grey, wet weather is forecast the continue until Sunday, with Google helpfully(?) telling me that the next time I would see the sun is Monday. Talk about adding insult to injury.

I was up at 7 this morning, outside in the rain and trying to unblock the garage box gutter which was full of pine needles and moss, and therefore thoroughly incapable of emptying. We’re usually very good at keeping it clean, but the wind while we were away, with the assistance of the alien pine tree across the road, had filled the downpipe rather effectively, meaning that all of the rain was pouring into the garage through the roof.

A thoroughly unpleasant wake-up call after a lovely weekend away.

The rain shows no sign of stopping today or anytime soon, so I’m planning all my necessary travel around places that have indoor parking. And taking an umbrella to anywhere else.

Stay safe, stay warm, help others to do the same wherever you can.

Wednesday ephemera

Several bits of small stuff to share, so here it all is.
Knock yourselves out*.

Things are going all right

After yesterday’s post, this:

That’s quite a movement, ironically suddenly making illegal “small boat” immigration across the English Channel a whole lot harder.

Home Affairs is a mixed bag

Two tweets, just a few pixels apart on my laptop screen:


And yes, I’ve experienced both ends of this spectrum.
Delightfully astonishing at the one end, but oh so frustrating at the other.

SA Mpox outbreak causes first death


Nothing to panic about here, but certainly one just to keep an eye on…

Explore your adventurous side

A recent advert on the web:

Ah yes. The silver self-defence spike. A true Camping and Outdoor Essential. And… does it really say “Thank you for choosing [manufacturer]” on the lanyard? That’s amazing.

I despair

A local page I follow on Facebook got hacked and started posting all sorts of weird stuff, including (but not limited to) a lot of AI generated content resembling American cities. In fact, the only local thing it posted was this range of images depicting (allegedly, at least) Cape Town, some lions in the Kruger, and some KhoiSan rock art in an ancient cave.

The worst bit was the comments though, with people from Cape Town fawning over the picture of their city. And this, despite all those new mountains, the sun setting on the wrong side, and that frankly weird extension bit coming out of Green Point.
Compare and contrast…

Also, while we’re on the subject, that is clearly not KhoiSan rock art, and WTF has happened to those lions? Our jobs are safe from AI for a while yet. But whether our lives are safe from idiot commenters on Facebook… well… that’s another story.

Winter in the vineyards

In more genuine pictures of Cape Town…
We took a walk around Groot Constantia a few days ago, and it was lovely.

Go and see more of the yellowing vines and lush, green grass on Instagram. And drop a follow if you haven’t already. Thanks.

Southern Suburbs Store Music Watch

Popped into a few shops on a whirlwind tour of a local mall this morning.
Here’s what I was serenaded with while I was there.
(Just in case you want to make a playlist of limp, middle-of-the-road, inoffensive, nothing songs.)
(Please don’t.)

Something Got Me Started – Simply Red
[advert for adult nappies]
Letters – Watershed

The Living Years – Mike & The Mechanics
No Regrets – Robbie Williams
End Of The Road – Boyz II Men
[all merchandisers to the manager’s desk, please]
Speed Of Sound – Coldplay

She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5
The Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran
Mama – Spice Girls

An absolute maximum of 1/9 for me there (ok, 2/10 if you include the nappy ad), and only that because Neils Hannon and Tennant sang backing vocals for Robbie Williams.
I presume that each song is aimed specifically at the likely demographic visiting any given store (this doesn’t make me feel great about myself). And obviously they’ll be vetted for content and tempo.
I mean, I would love if they popped a bit of Slipknot on occasionally, but obviously it’s not going to end well for the tannies in the bakery queue when the whole bread aisle turns into a trolley-filled mosh pit.

Still: headphones next time.