Day 613 – Escape to Norway

Except, you can’t, obviously. Because we’re not allowed to go there, just like we’re not allowed to go to Oman or Guatemala or… er… Angola or Rwanda. They’re so obviously racist.


Anyway, I went to Mauritius in 2016, but we can’t go to there either, so I’ve been reliving another 2016 trip: Norway. And I’ve mostly been doing it by chilling out in my office chair while taking a train from Bergen to Flåm (via Myrdal, obviously).

Like this:

Bang it up to 4K, sit back and let someone else do the driving.

It’s actually quite accurate for the live weather today as it leaves Bergen: cold and grey. And I know that because I had a wander onto the live webcam overlooking the city this morning. Sadly, as I write, it being winter and Bergen being quite far Norf, it’s already going dark there.

All the little lights. Very pretty. Decent vaccination numbers too.

Day 608 – Fleck

Great win for United last night, but it was tempered by my having to stay up until midnight to watch it, which has left me completely broken today, and also by the concern over midfielder John Fleck, who seemed to have a seizure on the field during the second half.

Thankfully, medical attention was quickly administered, and apparently, he’s conscious in hospital and asking about the result of the game (he’ll never believe it). But it wasn’t a nice thing to see – and we did see a bit, even though they pulled the feed as quickly as they could.

Fleck had Covid in June while on duty with the Scotland team, but has played 18 games for United this season without incident. Fingers crossed for him for a quick and complete recovery.

Day 607 – Duel Winner

Tried my first Duel on Geoguessr last night. Won it, thanks to a quick spot of a 0141 phone code on an Estate Agents sign in… well… in Glasgow, obviously.

You can kind of see the helpful sign on the right there, through my VICTORY! screen overlay.

I still haven’t quite worked out the rules of the Duel mode, but whoever gets closest to the mark seems to knock points off the other one until someone has none left. Ironically, you seem to start with 6000 points. Which is nice.
The timing is odd though: 15 seconds to make a guess sometimes, as long as you want on others. Weird.

Still, I’m all for more ways to play. Keeps what’s left of the brain going.

Day 606 – Flowers

When we bought this house, we inherited paid lots of money for the garden as well. The previous owner was an enthusiastic and very competent gardener, and thus the garden is amazing. When we moved in in February, it looked good, but this being our first spring, we are amazed to see the number of flowers everywhere.

I could take a photo of the flowers, but to get them all in would be difficult. So instead, I chose to use a bit of ICM to get the overall effect without having to concentrate on any of the detail.

Beagle-eyed horticulturists will surely recognise a couple of types of roses, at least one hydrangea and a plethora of Alstromeria spp.