My Spotify playlists

I’m all about the music, and I’m all about sharing the music.

Here’s a page with links to my Spotify playlists, so you can peruse and follow, or – this being the internet – fling insults and ridicule at my musical tastes. The choice is yours.

Simply click on the title to view the playlist you want to enjoy.

#2024 – More tunes. More up to date than last year.
Knock yourself out. (Not literally.)

23 – Simple title. Simple idea.
The songs I heard this year (I’m writing this in 2023) that I want to hear again.

New for 22 – It’s 2022. Let’s have something different.
Mostly new releases with a few old skool bangers within.

Music I Heard In 2021 – Does exactly what it says on the tin.
A collection of new and old music that has piqued my interest during this year.

Playlist For A Chilled Braai – It’s more than just background music for your evening braai.
Some laid back beats, a bit of vibey stuff and a few memories thrown in. You’ll love it.

Inspired By 6 – Songs from my favourite radio station: 6Music from the BBC.
Either I heard them on there or I would reasonably expect to hear them on there.

The Best Of 2020 – Awful year. Wonderful music.
The best tracks (IMHO) released in the given calendar year.

My SpotifyWrapped Top 100 2021 – Spotify tells me what I listened to. As documented here.

More to follow as and when, but I will always prioritise quality over quantity.