Day 129 – Terns

The weather continues to be unseasonably lovely and so we continue to enjoy the outdoors as much as we can. Today’s Quota Photo comes from Rasper Punt, just along the coast from Cape Agulhas.

An unedited shot of several (or more) Swift Terns which were passing through into a stiff north-westerly breeze. And this was just a fraction of the flock which filled most of the sky at one point.

I might have a play with this one when I get home – it’s a bit washed out and doesn’t do justice to what we actually saw.

But right now: birthday cake and beer. A wonderful combination.
Geniet jou dag. Wear a mask.

Day 128 – Baby Beach QP

The braai is lit and we’re back from a wander around the village and down by the sea.

There’s a fillet steak inside ready to go, there’s a 2013 Uitkyk shiraz in my glass and there’s Tori Amos on the ever-reliable Sony speaker.

So I’m giving you this – a quick point and shoot effort from our walk – and getting back to the important stuff at hand…


Have a lovely evening.

I plan to.

Day 127 – Happiest

It’s been four and a half months since we were here. I hadn’t realised just how much I had missed it.

Freedom, fresh air. Fantastic.

And our place still exists. Through the winter storms and the long, dark lockdown. It’s OK.

We’re being good and keeping ourselves to ourselves, but places here are open and there is pressure to support the local businesses, which have suffered and continue to do so.

We’ll play it by ear. In the meantime…


Day 126 – Quick in and out

I’m having a busy day today – all to do with a plan we have for tomorrow, which I might well share with you. Maybe instagram is the best space to watch, although this space is always freely available (please observe proper social distancing).

Stuff I saw today which I thought was good – this:

Very good. And salient as well, given that I spotted a new record low of 3/34 people wearing masks correctly while I was out for a run that I didn’t want to go on this morning (but this). I don’t go around checking numbers the whole time. I’m not quite that obsessive. But 1km in, as your mind starts to empty and you (subconsciously) realise that the first seven people you’ve seen this morning haven’t been wearing masks, you start to do a count – if only to distract yourself from the screaming in your legs and lungs.

Anyway, that’s less than 9% and that’s frankly pretty crap.

In other news, I also filled my car up with fuel for the first time in 4 months and 8 days. Topping up only three times a year is certainly cheaper than my usual regimen, but comes with some horrible limits on personal freedoms. I wouldn’t advise it.

That’ll be all then. Not least because I can’t buy any electricity because of some online problem at the electricity buying people and so this post could end at any





Day 125 – John Kraus says no

I’ve been following John Kraus on Instagram for a while now – you may remember him from such posts such as Rocket Science. Not because I’m some sort of rocket nerd (I’m really not), but because… well… Look at this stuff:

and this stuff…


John seems to have a pretty cool life, whizzing all over the world to take images of various rocket tests and launches. And if you think his IG is good, go and have a look at his “real” reel here.

John is heading off to Alaska to cover another launch this week:

I’m heading to Kodiak, Alaska tomorrow for Astra’s (@astraspace) first orbital launch attempt, scheduled for August 2nd-7th. Here’s a look at (most of) the camera gear I’m bringing to capture this mission. Also: I’ll still be here in Florida to photograph the #Mars2020 launch — I’m flying out later in the day. 

and here is that image of (some) (some!!) of the kit he’s taking with him:


But it was this comment:

and the reply:

that caught my eye.

“My picks, not yours” !!!

Actual lol.

It was (possibly) worth a try.


Photos: John Kraus.
Seriously – go and have a look at his work.