Day 493 – Tour rugby is dead

This, from earlier:

“Tour rugby is done. Broken.
There’s no joy in such a technical game any more. All I see are fans, journalists, players and coaches remarking on poor refereeing decisions and deciding which players they feel will need to be suspended for next week because of what was missed in the previous game. Officials daren’t make a call anymore because then someone will make a two hour video about it and use it against them ahead of the next match.
No-one’s talking about any skill or ability or amazing play – it’s all just technical shit and to see who can get the the other side into more trouble. Constant whinging and whining from all concerned. It’s utterly pathetic.”

It’s really sad that the pandemic has ruined the experience of the Lions’ tour to SA. It’s sadder still that whatever cool or exciting vestiges that might be left to be enjoyed are instead being ruined by everyone with any involvement. It’s just brought out the worst in everyone.

Why bother next time?

Day 492 – Dull and boring

Apologies for the continued short posts detailing general illness. It’s so surreal that there’s literally nothing else going on in our lives at the moment.

We still have another three days of self-isolation before we’re allowed out, but right now, I’m not sure quite how we’re going to manage to actually do anything once we’re released. Yes, it’s been ages since we locked ourselves away, but I’m concerned that real life is going to take more energy that we’ve got to offer.

Day 491 – A while

If there’s one thing that is becoming very evident, it’s that this Covid crap is going to take some time to get rid of. If this were flu, it would have been horrible, but it would be on its way out. This feels like it’s going to last forever.

I’m going to spend the weekend sitting out in the sun to try and help the process along.

Day 490 – Virus protection

Spotted online earlier, this small (but very irritating) survey:

There are a number of different reasons that I think a vaccine might work better than prayer when it comes to preventing Covid infection, but at the end of the day, that doesn’t matter. If half the country aren’t going to take the vaccination (for whatever reason), then we’re stuck with this damn virus for longer than we need to be.

Day 489 – Let’s go!

A little better today. More food, more movement, a little more energy. Finally.

Things must be getting better – the beagle wasn’t crying outside the spare bedroom door this morning.

I don’t expect to be running marathons any time soon, but it has been great to feel a bit more human again.

I’ve been mixing sleep with some time downstairs, even watching a bit of Olympics. But I’m ready to hunker down and get a good night’s sleep to keep the progress going now.