Day 297 – The good and the bad side of internet weirdness

Let’s get the good side done first, because the bad side is going to take a while.

This is very much the wholesome content that I signed up for when connecting the internet this week:

There we go:

Duck’s real name was Montague, apparently. I don’t have the time or the desire to follow up on whether that would assist with completing the list.

Weird. Niche. But kind of cool.


Not then like the rabbit hole I ended up descending this morning via twitter, thanks to a stray retweet from a local loon. That was some serious stuff. Examples to follow:

Well, they kept that quiet. Almost like it isn’t actually happening.
But then of course, that’s exactly what they want you to think.

There’s more:


Probably not. I mean, I have some degree of intelligence (no, I really do) and I actually read the thing and I’m still none the wiser. To be fair, the rather weird website to which this tweet links doesn’t even claim that there’s connection between Geoengineering and Covid.

Which was surprising.

I’m glad that there’s an artificial ionospheric mirror involved though. That does at least give it some semblance of credibility.

Our protagonist (who I am not naming, no) continues:

Climate change, chemtrails, NWO, Lucifer, pandemic.

That’s a lot of bingo boxes ticked from a single image.

All we need now is some right-wing, nationalist, Christian rhetoric.


Full house! This one actually began a rambling, 1,500 word diatribe about… well… I’m not really sure what.

We have enough clear evidence to support our claim but need not explain it…

Seems legit…

…as it is our right to take back our country with or without Force. We do not and have not supported this Evil Luciferian World powers, and suggest they refrain from trying to tarnished History and their Laws upon us.


There’s a lot of weird, racist, poorly written, somewhat scary stuff on his sites and links. And this guys has the same voting rights as you or I. He and his fellow loons walk amongst us. You might even unknowingly have passed him in the soft drinks aisle while doing you shopping last week.

And then he goes home and writes this sort of thing…

The Viral plan of Pandemics and War was and is a method often used in the past, but now Historical Data is being uncovered and a Vail of true knowledge is being lifted World wide exposing them as Evil and corrupt Luciferian Elite.

…before sitting back and enjoying a swig of passion fruit and soda water.

Day 291 – All aboard the Gravy Train

Hey. We live in a horrifically corrupt nation, and (as we all know) a fish rots from the head down (no, it doesn’t), and so it’s no surprise that it’s our erstwhile government which is clearly one of the primary culprits and drivers of these heinous practices.

A lot of people have tried to stop the Government being quite so corrupt, and I’ve supported those actions, because I thought that they came from a good place. Now however, I see the reason those efforts was not innate goodness or a desire for transparency and equity.
No, those people were just really jealous.

I say that because I have been invited to board the Gravy Train and become a Tenderpreneur.

Look what I got in my email today from Palesa (Ms Mothapo to you):

Sorry for you that you didn’t get a ticket. It’s not for everyone, but if you have the right connections (and I clearly do), then the next station is BigBucksVille and I’m well on my way.

Choo Choo…

I’ll obviously be using the age old “inflated tender” method to bring in the bucks, buying the masks at R0.30 each from one of my old lab contacts and then selling them on to the DoD for a couple of hundred each. And I am completely comfortable in divulging that information here, because no-one would expect me to do anything differently. If they did, then the Department of Defence would be buying the masks at R0.30 each directly from the supplier, I wouldn’t be making the money for my next 3 BMW X5s and the taxpayers would be happier.

So cutting out the middleman has implications. And they’re not good ones for me.

Listen; I’ll see you all on the other side – should you crack the nod. But it’s a very exclusive club, and so if you don’t make it, then please just know that I’ll be waving to you at you through my tinted windows as I sweep past your aging Corolla on my outrageously flamboyant 23 inch mags.

Nothing can stop me now.





Day 283 – Sorting out the mess

We are back in Cape Town. We love being in Agulhas very much, but with there being no access to the beach, it was getting frustrating, and there’s plenty to be getting on with back in Cape Town.

And so we are back in Cape Town.

This seems like something of a waste though, given that it would seem that we’re not getting on with very much except lazing around the house and not going to the beach, which was pretty much what we we (and weren’t) doing in Agulhas.

Still, there’s the opportunity to get stuff done, should we feel like it. And with The Move now just a few weeks away (Covid-willing), there are certainly several (or more) boxes to pack.

But in the meantime, there are Youtube videos to catch up on, blog posts to read, some radio to listen to and some (phone and internet) calls to make.

Oh, and this – shared on a local whatsapp group yesterday – to look at…

which definitively and conclusively ties current Covid-19 hotspots to 5G coverage* in South Africa.



* if you ignore the current Covid-19 hotspots which don’t have 5G coverage.**
** and the areas which aren’t covered by 5G, but which are currently Covid-19 hotspots.***
*** but otherwise: yes, absolutely.  

Day 280 – Rather be there

I’d love to be allowed down there. Just look at it.

But that’s just for fishermen (Page 7, Part 10a) and people to whom the regulations don’t apply.

There is a path along the back of the dunes. Previously, I would have categorically stated that it was not part of the beach, but now, I’m less sure. Arbitrary lines again.

The fact is that we have to endure a rather miserable, limited holiday this year. And yet, we’re still much more fortunate than others. We’d do very well to remember that before complaining about not being allowed to sit on the sand.

If we’re careful, and if our luck holds out, we’ll be around to enjoy a much more traditional, fun-filled summer holiday next year.

Right now, my biggest gripe is with myself for not spending more on soundproofing the cottage. We have quite literally surrounded by loud Afrikaners playing alles van die grootste sokkie treffers for the last 5 days, with a seemingly neverending supply of dodgy brandewyn and their JBL doof doof speakers.

I’m being patient. I’m being diplomatic. I have even tried to embrace it. I understand that we all need that release at the end of this nightmare year. But that does include me as well.

And there’s no escape onto the beach this time around. Argh!