Not drinking, but it always makes sense to be prepared

I’m trying to cut back on fun unhealthier things in life at the moment as the long road to post-Covid fitness continues. One of those things is beer, because it’s hard enough work to get the calories, inches and kilos off without the additional challenge of beer exacerbating those numbers.

But I might want to go back to beer (after all, who wouldn’t?) at any given time, and so I’ll just remind you all of this post. Because nothing in this world comes for free and increasingly, lots of stuff in this world costs a lot more than it used to:

So please forgive me for earning a bit of pocket money when I can.

Frustrated and flat

Just no energy today. Spent the day in bed, sleeping most of it.
Is it that? I don’t know. Maybe. There’s a lot of it about.
Many drugs for generic viral symptoms:
Achy joints. Watery, blurry eyes. Cold. Sniffly. Scratchy throat. Zero energy.

Frustrated at now missing two days of exercise, and also missing what will surely be a fine party this evening.

Hoping for better tomorrow, at least on the health front. The party will be gone.

It’s all gone a bit wrong

I should have had more time today, but it just didn’t happen. That’s not to say that it wasn’t a good day: slept around the clock (again – such a post-Covid thing for me), went for a walk in the forest with the beagle and the family, sorted out some issues in the garden, had some family around for a birthday drink (not me) and then a nice evening braai in the autumnal warmth.

All good, but a day full of stuff that wasn’t blogging.

And so the photos and the stories from the weekend away will have to wait. But it was fun, even if our first experience of our visit was being asked to leave a wine farm – it’s not like there weren’t several (or more) to go and enjoy.

So maybe more on that tomorrow. Tonight feels like a sit down and watch some footy kind of evening.