It’s been a long one

Exhausting day. And yet I seem to have achieved very little. Or at least nothing big. Does that make sense? Stage 6 loadshedding (despite him saying this). A bit of wasted afternoon. All rather frustrating.

On the plus side, it ended with some very decent Frankie Fenner (no relation (I don’t think, at least)) lamb burgers over the coals, partnered beautifully by some quickly homemade mint sauce.

Tomorrow: gym, singing exam (not me), football (watching), braai (not me again).

And hopefully still time for a better blog post, more jobs and less frustration.


There were big plans for a long blog post today. But then time got in the way. A bit of a lie-in after yesterday’s busy day, and now a family braai has been planned for this evening.

I have some very decent Swartland Shiraz to pair with my steak. Needs must.

And so, dear reader, can we agree to meet here again tomorrow for a real post (T&C’s apply)?

Thanks so much for your understanding.

I tried so hard

And got so far.

But in the end it doesn’t even matter.

I’ve failed to get my tasks done today. All was going “ok” until about 3pm, when this thing suddenly hit me, like an Eben tackle.

Is it a virus? Is it too much sun? Is it as a result of utilising bipolar, wax-based methods of illumination over the last week?

(Because I have.)


But everything hurts and my temperature homeostasis has fallen completely apart: flinging itself wildly between shaking because I’m too cold and… er… shaking because I’m too hot.

Please contact your chosen Deity soonest, and get Him/Her/Them/It to sort this out.

Thanks in advance.


I’m feeling unprepared for this week, which isn’t a good way to feel. Hopefully, by this afternoon, I’ll have got myself a little more prepared, allowing some sleep this evening, but there’s a lot to do between now and then.

We’re back off to Robben Island – the trip that was (thankfully) postponed last month – and I’m there to help and oversee and advise. But I’m feeling a bit too hands-off this time around. Not that I think there will be any problem: we have a great team, and we’ll have a great time.

Just those nagging doubts. And plenty to get sorted between now and our ferry crossing tomorrow morning.

Look out for photos as and when I can. Instagram (link) and here will be the places to keep an eye on.

If you need to find me…

Here is a page with all of my internet details:

Find 6000

I know that it’s all a bit complicated with everyone wondering where to migrate to while the Loud Mouth Space Wanker kills what’s left of twitter, but this blog – and the page that I have linked to above – will remain, so that you can always find me.

You lucky, lucky people.

There’s no one clear alternative standing out at the moment, and thus everything is rather diluted, but I’m currently pinning my hopes on BlueSky, so that’s probably the best place to start from a social media POV.

6000coza on Bluesky

That said, I’m only starting there today, so it’s going to take a while.
In the meantime, all the other links are also all completely valid and worth a look.