Day 90 – Some interesting ideas about writing.

Spotted this earlier on twitter. Actually some quite interesting points. Don’t make your audience bored. Vary the lengths of sentences. Change things here and there. You need variety and diversity. Or things quickly get dull. It’s great advice for newbies.

These aren’t mistakes I make. I use many nice adjectives. And that keeps things interesting. Otherwise, it’s all rather pointless.

Have a really good evening.

Day 88 – There is news. Good news.

Late(ish) last night, following my seventy-fourth email to [company], I finally received the news that I had been waiting for: the domain had been renewed.

I’m very grateful for this, but also pretty pissed off that it was ever an issue in the first place.

I had paid for a service, told them what I wanted and they just didn’t do it. That’s why, just as soon as I can, I will be moving the responsibility for this simple – but important – task to a different company.

Anyway, the good* news is that the blog is up and running for (at least) another year.




* delete if not appropriate

Day 87, part 2 – A renewal update

I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but having had a long chat with someone from [company] this morning, I’m hoping that this renewal situation can be sorted really soon now before anything unrecoverable happens.

I’m now desperately waiting for an email from the registry to tell me that stuff has been done and that everything is (hopefully) going to be fine.

The alternative is unpretty.

Day 87 – The renewal debacle

You might never see this (you will, because I am backing it up and posting it on Facebook).

Long story short, I asked (and paid for) [company] to renew the domain for the blog, and my email, and my business, and my life: something they have managed to do for the past 8 years or more with no huge palava.

It turns out that they haven’t done it this year.

And so my domain is a few days from permanent deletion.


Just great.


I’m hugely unhappy, but let’s cross that bridge once this is sorted. In the meantime, the blog could disappear at any mome


nt. Just kidding.

I’m still around on Facebook and Twitter. Come for the updates. Stay for the sweary rage.

Day 86 – On the edge

You understand just how exciting life has become when your weekend revolves around fixing the legs on two desks.

Very satisfying.

I have got a few other things planned, but to be absolutely honest, it really is mainly just desks and football this weekend.