Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?

Ah yes, the 1993 album from The Cranberries, everybody’s second favourite band: Linger, Dreams etc.

But also no. I’m thinking about Spotify Wrapped, which has taken over the internet for the last 24 hours. And while it might be the most important thing happening in the world at the moment, it does make a change from the most important things happening in the world at the moment.

Which is great.

Here’s mine:

1,938 songs.
813 artists.
53 genres.

Top Genres: Permanent Wave (I had to look that up):

Permanent Wave Music is a genre of music that has been popular in the United States since the early 1980s. It is characterized by a heavy reliance on synthesizers and drum machines, as well as a strong emphasis on melody and rhythm. It often combines elements of pop, funk, and rock music.

Yeah, ok. Fair enough. Then Chamber Pop(?), Electronica, Art Pop(??) and Manchester indie. Mad for it.

And this:

Muse was a surprise, even given this. But in that post, I did say I’d probably give it a couple of months and then give up on them again, and that’s exactly what happened:

Top song, Turmoil from The Lathums; again surprising (and a bit awkward), given this, where I compared the song to Glenn Medeiros’ 1988 hit Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You.

And the rest of my Top 5 were all from Sigur Rós. That wasn’t surprising at all.

Onward and upward. I listened to more Spotify this year than any previous year, but I still think I listened to more 6Music than Spotify. By a country mile.

I can’t wait for my 6Music Wrapped. When does that happen again?

Are you a 6Music Dad?

“6Music Dad”? What’s that, then?

I don’t think it was ever really meant as a slur initially, but it did sort of become one. Coined by Sheffield artist Self Esteem (Rebecca Lucy Taylor to her friends):

It was during this tour that Self Esteem clocked the presence at her gigs of a certain grouping: men of a certain age, music fans all, and informed music fans at that. “6Music dads” quipped Rebecca and laughed.

It’s a stereotype, and those are never good, but they do exist for a reason. Obviously, there has been a lot of chatter about this on the 6Music groups that I subscribe to, but I have to say that it’s a stereotype and a moniker that I – and many others – have absolutely no problem with. If it is meant to be a bit patronising or offensive, it’s really not working – let’s face it, we’re all well past being upset by words.
[sarcastic tone] Oooooh! [/sarcastic tone]


I’m… wait… [checks] Yes, I’m a dad, and I do listen to a lot of 6Music, so is that enough? Well, maybe, but there’s a bit more to it than that, as Tom Dunne explains in his article for the Irish Examiner. In fact, there’s a 11 question quiz in there, with fairly straightforward Yes or No answers.

So how did you get on? I suspect many of you will have gotten many, many Yes answers to the point where trying to pretend you are not a part of this fabulous new club is just pointless. Smells like a duck, and walks like a duck: probably a 6Music Dad.

I scored 10/11, (only because I probably wouldn’t be seen at the back of an Idles concert) (although their new one is annoyingly actually rather good), but that 91% score is definitely enough to drop me very comfortably into the cohort.

And I’d absolutely rather be there than with the rest of the oldies over on Radio 2. I might not enjoy everything I hear on 6, but I like to be challenged. I’m not anywhere near ready for that easy-listening, middle-of-the-road stuff. Well, not all the time anyway. My musical tastes are both incredibly varied and totally binary: I like a load of very different songs and artists, apart from the ones I don’t like. Simple as that.

And I still like a lot of “proper” music that is coming out now: new releases from the likes of New Dad, Sigur Rós, Nitin Sawhney, Baxter Dury, The National and The Lathums have all featured on the blog in the last few months. And it’s no surprise to learn that they’ve all probably featured on 6Music as well.

So yeah, when it comes to being a 6Music Dad, I’m very happy to freely admit that I completely (well, 91%) fit the mould, and I hope to keep fitting it for some time to come.

The Safety Dance

I’d never heard this song before I moved to SA. Apparently, it did ok in the UK, making it to No.6 in the charts for a week, but it was a big hit here: the only official chart worldwide where it got to Number 1.

They were Men Without Hats, and your 1982 Disney Prince protagonist here is Canadian Ivan Doroschuk, This song was their one hit, so much so that their website these days is safetydance.com, because yes, they’re still releasing music 41 years on from that morris dancing escapade above.

Here they are now, Ivan at the front, his brother Colin on the left, Sho Murray on the right, and Colin’s daughter Sahara Slone in the silver skirt and the boots.

Sadly, their current tour, running until March next year, fails to make it to South Africa. And Djibouti also misses out again.

New Dad

Not me. I’m an old dad.

But because I’ve got a rather busy rest of the day following on from my rather busy morning, please find some (paradoxically) old New Dad below.

Galway band. Dream pop, shoegaze, indie rock. What’s not to like?

They have a new video out today, but for me, that track (Let Go) is more of a listen than a watch, if that makes sense?

And a new album in January, which will probably be right up there for the 6000 miles… Album of the Year 2024, if the world still exists.

Incidentally, the 2023 competition – traditionally announced in December – will almost certainly be chosen from one of two contenders, both of whom have been mentioned a lot on here this year.

If the world still exists.


After a lovely morning wander on the Mountain…

…the gas fire in the new bar was officially fitted, and then it was lots of jobs for me which had been on a bit of a hold pending that work. Mainly horribly fiddly painting, which isn’t anywhere near finished, but is at least now started. And with the 6Music soundtrack, a blast from the past from Mary-Ann Hobbs, which will have to be shared:

With loadshedding having done for tonight’s football (thank you, ANC), I’m at another Dodgeball training session. Sigur Ros is on the noise-cancelling Marshall earbuds, wiping out the overtly loud Amapiano mix here.

Tomorrow will bring more painting (oh joy!), but I’m hoping there will be a tangible, noticeable difference by this time tomorrow evening, which will – obviously – make it all worthwhile.