Day 452 – “Winter”

Midwinter’s Day today. The winter solstice. The shortest day. The longest night.
That’s for us down here, anyway.

I hardly slept last night – THE WIND was something else. We lost several plant pots, flung around and smashed. This morning, we collected garden furniture from all around the property – only the front gate prevented a full on cushion escape. Local trees are damaged. It’s still blowing hard. Really hard. Gusting to near hurricane hard. But also apparently hugely localised, right down this side of the mountain.
I honestly can’t remember stronger winds in Cape Town in my time here. And I can’t remember stronger winds in Cape Town before my time here, because I wasn’t here.

But it’s also 26 degrees. I’m in shorts and t-shirt and I’m lovely and warm. And it was that temperature at midnight last night as well. Because it’s a berg wind, as mentioned yesterday. I was given a beautiful Fitzroy’s Storm Glass for Father’s Day yesterday, but it’s completely bewildered and confused as to exactly what is going on at the moment. The good Admiral evidently never saw anything quite like this sort of chaos.

Anyway, all this means that means that tomorrow, another sort of extreme weather will kick in, with heavy rain expected as a proper winter cold front makes landfall. Better late than never. Better never late.

Day 449 – Radio

It’s Friday, and while your radio station might be celebrating the upcoming weekend with a live lunchtime drum and bass mix (mine is), there are always other options out there.
Like listening to the radio from yesteryear, for example. Which is exactly what you can do on Old Time Radio.

Listen to genres such as Horror, Crime, Future (Sci-fi), Comedy, Western or Drama, or click through on that helpful hamburger top right and design your own show, make a playlist, choose an appropriate visualiser or set a sleep timer so you can drop off to the best of Abbott and Costello.

I’m not going to lie, you have to be in the right mood for this, but if you are, it’s pretty cool to hear what floated people’s boats in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, just prior to the advent of Netflix.
Sadly, there’s no drum and bass to pump you up for the weekend.

Day 441, part 2 – Can’t watch

News just in. The President is doing a thing at lunchtime:

Sadly, also happening at 12h00 – loadshedding:

Which will prevent me from watching, and which will also prevent any “swift and lasting economic recovery”.

Who’s going to tell him? (Both bits.)

Day 441 – Tweet did not age well

And by tweet, I mean this one, ridiculing “The ‘third wave’ “:

Look, I get that the increase on the end there wasn’t quite as big as the other two waves (yet), but even before the advantage of hindsight just a few weeks later, we could all see what was coming:


Gauteng took the brunt of an awful Covid day yesterday, with well over half of all the national 8,881 new cases being reported there. The figures were so bad that you could be forgiven for missing them as they leapt by almost 60% in a single day. It’s ok, I’ve got you covered with some detail and a quick MS Paint “red arrow” job.

Yowzers. I believe that is the appropriate clinical expression, anyway.

We don’t have any regional or hotspot restrictions in place and even if we did, they wouldn’t be observed or policed correctly, and it’s too late to make any difference now anyway. We’re in for a crappy few months: the third wave is in full swing (ignore that tweet at the top there) and will inevitably spread from Joburg over the coming weeks, the vaccination programme falls further behind where it needs to be each day, the President and his well-paid Merry Men (and Women) are hugely conspicuous by their absence, and to top it all off, everything – and I mean everything – is hampered by crushingly high levels of loadshedding. We’re due to be without electricity for 7½ hours today.

Victoria Frater on Twitter: ""Now is the winter of our disco tent"  #RuinShakespeare @jill_treece ?… "

Billy Shakespeare knew his stuff, hey?

Still, on the plus side






Mmm. Exactly.


Day 440 – What were the skies like when you were young?

A quick mention of Liverpool-based 90s EDM group Apollo 440 before we start.
And mention of this, obviously.

But what would we be starting on?
Well, I ended up down another conspiracy theory rabbit hole this morning. Specifically one about chemtrails and geoengineering. You know, the general tinfoil hattery that we’re all being played for fool by global corporations and the New World Order?

The usual stuff.

But this time, there’s clear evidence that this is a real thing. And that evidence comes in the form of this tweet from @uslawreview:

To be fair, I have no idea what the weather was like where I live 30 or 40 years ago, because I didn’t live here. But judging by the moaning about the cold and rain in winter and the wind in the summer, things have been this way for a while. Perhaps we need some engineering – something to make it cold and rainy in the summer and windy in the winter? I dunno, I’m just brainstorming here.

But why would the weathermen never say a word about the constant spraying? Perhaps because it’s just not a thing. No. Justin Despair knows why. It’s because they’re in on the whole thing:

“Seek sources of truth online,” says Justin, without even a hint of irony in his tweet.

Personally, I blame the pilots. Just like Ricardo.

But maybe I shouldn’t:

But they must still know, right? Last time I was piloting a commercial transcontinental passenger flight, the chemtrails switch was very much a mechanical thing. I had to flick it, just as we passed over @uslawreview’s place, just like my handlers told me to.

Plane crash kills 163 after pilot forgets to turn off chemtrails when  landing

My only issue was trying not to notice the dodgy photoshopping on the panel, as I – grimly faced – pumped tens of thousands of litres of weather-altering mind control particulates into the troposphere. Well, that and then not telling anyone about it. Ever.

So weird that so few individuals ever asked about what was going on.

Yeah, I do note that you’re a Sheffield Wednesday fan though, so clearly you must have had something deactivated in your brain.

OK, C.J. Bowden – but remember that Justin told us that the truth was online. Not in the chemical-filled sky. Seems sensible to hide inside and not to be staring at the sun all day.

Gonna have to cut this one short: loadshedding shit just hit the (non-spinning) fan, which is sad, because I was trying to get some fresh air in from outside. The sunshine, the light breeze, the weird “clouds”…