Day 572 – Floor

Bit of a frustrating day. We’re having some new flooring laid, dragging the house from the 1980s, kicking and screaming into at least the 2010s. (The 2020s are so damn expensive and pandemicky, we felt them best avoided in flooring terms. Sadly, we had very little option in actual chronological terms.) The guys came and did the prep work yesterday, and it took a couple of hours. We were hoping for the same again today, but it took six hours. That’s not to say that they didn’t do an excellent job, but I had plans for four of those six hours. But now they’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

I’m off to see a specialist tomorrow afternoon about this ongoing Covid nonsense. Part of me wants him to cure me completely. Well, I suppose all of me wants him to cure me completely, it’s just that all of me knows that that isn’t going to happen. So tomorrow will be a bit of a watershed moment. Either he has huge plans for my recovery (not ruling out a total cure, but, you know…), or he’s going to tell me to give it another six months and see how we’re doing then.

I’ve always been on of those “well, at least I know where I stand now” kind of people when it comes to medical diagnoses, but I’m not looking forward to the – let’s face it – more probable latter prognosis.

In the meantime, the floor does look much nicer. Next up, replacing the rotting wood of the cottage-paned patio doors, and dragging the house… ah, you know the story.

I’m off outside to enjoy the last of the sunshine and try and get a photo of one of our Cape Robin Chats.

Day 504 – Getting stuff done

Since I can’t do much of anything that requires energy at the moment, I’ve been tidying up some stuff on the computer and the internet. My Flickr page is now looking much neater and tidier, with all the images assigned to groups and albums so that they’re easier to find, enjoy and share. So go and do it!
And I have high hopes that (at least some of) my photos from the Matroosberg and Klein Karoo (remember that pre-covid trip?) will be edited, uploaded and equally well categorised by the end of the day.


In other news, we had a further disaster last night as the recently repaired living room roof, beneath which is the even more recently replaced living room ceiling (literally last Friday), decided to allow another several (or more) litres of water through during the frontal rain in the late evening. Those litres missed the furniture completely, because the furniture isn’t in the living room at the moment, because now that the roof is repaired and the ceiling is replaced, the new floor is being installed.

You know: now that everything is all watertight and stuff? Mmm.

I’m so very, very tired of all this now.

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And, this:

Remember when BA brought their A380 over to Cape Town? Just after the Germans had left their towels on the metaphorical sunbeds? [Flickr]

I know that this announcement gives us 2½ months notice, but with SA very much on the UK’s reddest of red lists (and with every good reason right now), I can’t quite understand why BA would be taking this step unless they know something that we don’t – or unless they’re just going to cancel it when nothing new happens, of course.

Watch this space [gestures generally at the sky above Cape Town], I guess.

Day 478 – Winter window view

Back in Autumn, I shared a sunrise from our bedroom window. But Autumn is long gone now and we’re well into winter.

This week, following some really chilly weather, the clouds finally lifted and we got to see those mountains in the distance again. This time with some decoration.

Look, it’s not the Matterhorn or Everest, but I’m quite impressed with the view in our (extended) back garden.

Soon… the view from the other side of those mountains, where we stayed last week. (May also include some snow.)

Day 473 – Misery everywhere

There’s no good news today.

I’m not feeling great (no, not that).

Defeat for England (although), preceded by an unpleasant frontlash and followed by a (now sadly usual) disgusting backlash.

Rain, gales, floods and cold in Cape Town. More leaks in our house.

KZN and parts of Gauteng right on the brink of… something terrible.

Copious sexual intercourse won’t cure Covid-19.

More loadshedding on the way.

And this is just the stuff I feel I can share.

I have a lot of amazing memories from a few days away, and a lot of photos to process. But today doesn’t seem the right day to do anything except just hope that things get better.

Day 464 – Nightmare on our street

(with apologies to Freddy Kruger)

The recent stormy weather has raised a number of issues with the (still new) (to us) house to the top of the “Oh Shit” list. Chief amongst these was the few hundred litres of water that poured into our living room the other night. But that’s only brought more problems to light: damaged guttering (when the insurance-provided contractors took down the waterlogged ceiling), which will need to be replaced before they replace the ceiling. Things are still very wet, despite our best efforts to dry them up using a dehumidifier, the fireplace on full blast, and the beagle as a big sponge.

The season being what it is, it looks like we’re in for a long wait before the waterproofing team can come and charge us lots of money to make things better. But we don’t really have any choice on the delay or the cash.

Add to that a bit of a disaster when refitting a light switch after a painting job (we now need an electrician), and a new n thousaand Rand more quote from the flooring guy because the existing floor is such a state and you’ll perhaps understand why I am tolerating this new place at the moment, rather than enjoying it.

We’ll get there, but I do wonder how many more problems we’re likely to encounter before we actually arrive.