Day 649 – Keeping warm and the deleted videos

It’s so irritating when you are just enjoying your life with all your vaccinations in place and then [checks notes] “they turn up the 5G” and you spontaneously combust. I mean, this head might not be quite as packed with knowledge as it used to be pre-Covid, but I’d really prefer that it didn’t explode and then get blamed on Omicron.

So weird that we haven’t heard about this from anyone in Israel, but obviously that’s because “they” don’t want you to know. How fortunate that this guy – his profile pic seemingly taken in his car – has managed to see these videos, and how very unfortunate that he can’t seem to share them.
Anyway… tomorrow, “they” are going to turn up the 5G in the USA, so if you are over there and feeling a bit chilly (I’ve seen photos of much snow in Washington DC this week) then simply stand next to… well… someone I guess, and enjoy the warmth as they ignite because of the “turned up 5G”.

Probably best to wear something that can be wiped down easily.

And in more serious news, look at the amount of Covid RNA they’re finding in Boston’s sewers.


As we’ve mentioned before on here, the presence of increased viral (Covid) RNA in wastewater is a really good predictor of an upcoming Covid wave in the particular place that the wastewater comes from. But it’s the sheer amount of the viral RNA that is so incredible. The other waves are so small that they almost seem to even not exist in comparison.

I could hardly wait for the 3rd January update, but it turns out that this is in American and that’s the 1st of March.

By which time everyone will have exploded anyway.

Day 413 – India

India has been particularly badly hit by Covid-19 over the past month or so. Some would say that the problem is a lack of social distancing, no restrictions on gatherings, a crumbling healthcare system, or 5G. But, the Indian government has been quick to deny at least one of those claims. (Hey, at least they’ve been quick to do something.)

The lack of 5G in India, coupled with their horrendous recent record, is surely quite enough to convince even the maddest of tinfoil hatters that there is no link.

Yeah, I doubt it too.

No, the real risk is not from mobile masts, it’s from person to person transmission, which is why it’s good that SA is taking all the precautions necessary.


Day 321 – Tenuous

It’s Day 321 of the SA lockdown. And so Ted Rogers’ bizarre 1980s game show “321” (secondary presenter Dusty Bin – a er… bin) has been invoked.

Part quiz show, part game show, part variety show, it had the weirdest riddles with the most tenuous connections. e.g. 


Still, if you’re looking for really tenuous links, then come right back to the present day, with this gem (which apparently still needs explaining to some people).

Oh dear.

Day 283 – Sorting out the mess

We are back in Cape Town. We love being in Agulhas very much, but with there being no access to the beach, it was getting frustrating, and there’s plenty to be getting on with back in Cape Town.

And so we are back in Cape Town.

This seems like something of a waste though, given that it would seem that we’re not getting on with very much except lazing around the house and not going to the beach, which was pretty much what we we (and weren’t) doing in Agulhas.

Still, there’s the opportunity to get stuff done, should we feel like it. And with The Move now just a few weeks away (Covid-willing), there are certainly several (or more) boxes to pack.

But in the meantime, there are Youtube videos to catch up on, blog posts to read, some radio to listen to and some (phone and internet) calls to make.

Oh, and this – shared on a local whatsapp group yesterday – to look at…

which definitively and conclusively ties current Covid-19 hotspots to 5G coverage* in South Africa.



* if you ignore the current Covid-19 hotspots which don’t have 5G coverage.**
** and the areas which aren’t covered by 5G, but which are currently Covid-19 hotspots.***
*** but otherwise: yes, absolutely.