An easy opportunity to use a gif that was already in my media library

Yesterday (well, just before midnight on the day before yesterday, if we’re being precise), the government issued an extension of sorts to the temporary amendment that it had previously made last month regarding the wearing of masks in public places.

This made a lot of those people very annoyed, but it was actually a good diversion for them to avoid talking about the USA exceeding 1,000,000 (one million) Covid deaths. And even that is a wild underestimation, according to many sources. Just like the flu, they said. But it’s really not.

Anyway, aside from the sleight of hand, the only other bit of good news for those people was that the press release about the extension seemed to suggest that students would no longer have to wear masks in schools. This didn’t make any sense – especially along the other guidelines that were in the same gazette – but since when has this (or any) government ever made any sense?

Anyway, that was the situation until the early afternoon, when someone at the Department of Health finally woke up and realised that there had been an error, and told the country that actually, students would have to wear masks in their classrooms after all.

Wow. The metaphorical cat was placed right among the allegorical pigeons with that announcement.

And lo, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. But it was this hysterical tweet that stood out for me:

Because obviously, I immediately thought of this gif:

And though I have no idea what about the appearance of the individual who came out with those question above, my mind will now always associate them with Helen Lovejoy.

Look, the fact is that anyone can go to their local police station and lay a charge against the Department of Health if they wish. So why leave it for someone else, since you clearly feel so upset? Why wouldn’t you go and do it yourself if you think a crime has been committed? For that to go much further though, that Department needs to have broken some sort of law, which in this case would be… would be… er… “being a bit vague in a late night press release”?

Oh my. Proper Death Row, Throw Away The Key Stuff there.

In the meantime, masks remain for indoor spaces, schools or otherwise, and the numbers – probably affected by two public holidays and a long weekend and Covid fatigue, as mentioned here:

– continue to rise:

Ventilate, vaccinate, mask up, stay safe. And won’t somebody please think of the children?


Here we go again: the fifth wave

It looks like the fifth wave might be here slightly earlier than was predicted. So early days (literally), but things are certainly beginning to tick over a bit more quickly…

Wastewater being those poo studies we mentioned a long while back, test positivity being this:

Reading backwards, i.e. most recent data on the left. (Otherwise it would be looking great!)
And Gauteng numbers are looking like this:

We’re certainly not there yet (we’d need a 20% week-on-week change in positivity for it to be classed as a “resurgence”) and the Western Cape is currently recording an increase of just under 10% for that figure. But this is how every other wave has begun, so why should we expect anything different this time?

Watch this space.

Day 727 – Ominous

Well, with the mask rules changing and lockdown easing from this morning, this was a prophetic image to include in yesterday’s blog post, wasn’t it?

Look, there’s very limited chance of you contracting Covid outdoors, anyway. And given the huge disregard for mask-wearing rules here already – including those who don’t seem to understand that their nose holes also connect to their lungs – I can’t honestly see this new approach making any negative difference.

Of course, I can’t see it making any positive difference either.

Day 717 – But weight, there’s less!

When I got Covid, I lost a lot of weight very quickly. Like 10 or 12kg in a 7 days. And that was because I was literally too weak to eat anything. I was surviving on Lucozade alone (well, and Myprodol, but that probably had limited effects in the weight department).

Once I was through the acute phase, that weight went back on fairly quickly (probably because it came off pretty quickly as well), which is good, because that initial weight was quite a good weight for me to be. However, over the next 6 months, being fully able to eat and drink (more than just Lucozade), but not being able to do any exercise (see 6000 miles… passim.), I gained a lot more weight.
And that was bad, because that was a bad weight for me to be.

So now I have started with some gentle exercise again, I’m happy to report that I’ve finally been losing a bit of mass. And I don’t need to go into details here, but last week, I managed to pass a significant milestone weight on my weight loss journey. And that means that I have lost 7.2kg since the beginning of the year. Again, this weight is coming off fairly easily because it went on easily and it isn’t meant to be there. A bit of gentle temptation and sensible behaviour, and it goes to wherever spare weight is mean to go.

Given the way I have lost weight thus far, I’d imagine that I’ll pop back above the milestone weight – giving the digital display on the scales and extra 50% work to do again – before I stay under it. But that’s fine by me, as long as the general trend remains downwards.

Now come the hard yards, though. I’m not quite back down to my pre-Covid weight (yes, I have put on that much), and I’d like to shed a couple more kilos on top of (underneath?) that as well, so the next bit might go a little more slowly. But I’m confident that it will go.

Would I recommend Covid as a weight loss plan? Well, yes and no. It’s clearly extremely effective, but it does come with some utterly horrific side effects. So overall, probably not.

Would I recommend eating less and exercising more [thanks, TA] as a better method? Certainly.
But all within reason: unless there is some urgent medical issue that requires immediate and drastic weight loss, be gentle on your body and if it needs a beer or to every now and again, give it a beer or two every now and again.

There’s definitely more to life than a target weight.

Day 649 – Keeping warm and the deleted videos

It’s so irritating when you are just enjoying your life with all your vaccinations in place and then [checks notes] “they turn up the 5G” and you spontaneously combust. I mean, this head might not be quite as packed with knowledge as it used to be pre-Covid, but I’d really prefer that it didn’t explode and then get blamed on Omicron.

So weird that we haven’t heard about this from anyone in Israel, but obviously that’s because “they” don’t want you to know. How fortunate that this guy – his profile pic seemingly taken in his car – has managed to see these videos, and how very unfortunate that he can’t seem to share them.
Anyway… tomorrow, “they” are going to turn up the 5G in the USA, so if you are over there and feeling a bit chilly (I’ve seen photos of much snow in Washington DC this week) then simply stand next to… well… someone I guess, and enjoy the warmth as they ignite because of the “turned up 5G”.

Probably best to wear something that can be wiped down easily.

And in more serious news, look at the amount of Covid RNA they’re finding in Boston’s sewers.


As we’ve mentioned before on here, the presence of increased viral (Covid) RNA in wastewater is a really good predictor of an upcoming Covid wave in the particular place that the wastewater comes from. But it’s the sheer amount of the viral RNA that is so incredible. The other waves are so small that they almost seem to even not exist in comparison.

I could hardly wait for the 3rd January update, but it turns out that this is in American and that’s the 1st of March.

By which time everyone will have exploded anyway.