Day 649 – Keeping warm and the deleted videos

It’s so irritating when you are just enjoying your life with all your vaccinations in place and then [checks notes] “they turn up the 5G” and you spontaneously combust. I mean, this head might not be quite as packed with knowledge as it used to be pre-Covid, but I’d really prefer that it didn’t explode and then get blamed on Omicron.

So weird that we haven’t heard about this from anyone in Israel, but obviously that’s because “they” don’t want you to know. How fortunate that this guy – his profile pic seemingly taken in his car – has managed to see these videos, and how very unfortunate that he can’t seem to share them.
Anyway… tomorrow, “they” are going to turn up the 5G in the USA, so if you are over there and feeling a bit chilly (I’ve seen photos of much snow in Washington DC this week) then simply stand next to… well… someone I guess, and enjoy the warmth as they ignite because of the “turned up 5G”.

Probably best to wear something that can be wiped down easily.

And in more serious news, look at the amount of Covid RNA they’re finding in Boston’s sewers.


As we’ve mentioned before on here, the presence of increased viral (Covid) RNA in wastewater is a really good predictor of an upcoming Covid wave in the particular place that the wastewater comes from. But it’s the sheer amount of the viral RNA that is so incredible. The other waves are so small that they almost seem to even not exist in comparison.

I could hardly wait for the 3rd January update, but it turns out that this is in American and that’s the 1st of March.

By which time everyone will have exploded anyway.

Day 643 – Lancet Covid Editorial

This is from a couple of weeks ago (and this post was written a few days ago), so maybe everything’s already been sorted now, but in the unlikely event that it hasn’t, this: [or PDF]

The challenge now is to determine the level of COVID-19 that is acceptable for individual nations in a fundamentally interconnected world.


A good overview of what we’ve done and what we need to do, but no real answers here, besides the “politicians must do better” plan. But we’ve kinda been hoping for that for a number of years now and it hasn’t quite materialised.


Day 633 – It me

Spotted yesterday, this:

If you look at how other people gained their super powers: getting nibbled by a radioactive spider, being born on Krypton or having shedloads of cash and a cave under your mansion (is this right? – Ed.), most superheroes have had it fairly easy.

I haven’t had a spider bite, I was born on earth and I don’t have a mansion or a cave. So it looks like I’ll have to go via this route. And looking back at the last 5 months of my life, I would absolutely argue that this so-called “super immunity” – if I even have it – is absolutely not worth the effort.

I can’t even fly.


Day 629, part 2 – Red list lifted

I’m still mildly bemused by the exceptionalism shown to the UK regarding the recent travel red list. (I mean, I’m not really, we know that everyone loves to hate the Brits, but still…)

Sure, you can say that it was unscientific, unjustified or whatever (as if those are the only arguments that count here), but no-one seems to be chastising Chile or Italy or Oman or Singapore or the UAE or Panama or Uzbekistan or Canada or (weirdly) Rwanda (I know, right?) for stopping incoming Saffas and visitors to SA from… well… coming in.

And now that the UK (at the time of writing) has opened up again, while many of the the other countries (and there are almost 70 of them!) are still banning travel from SA, there still seems to be this latent whining at the UK, rather than any outrage at or pressure on other countries to follow their lead.


We now know a lot more about Omicron – and while the news (tentatively) seems to be pretty good – when the UK and everyone else added SA to their red list, no-one had any idea how nasty or otherwise it might be (it didn’t even have a name back then!), and the UK had detected no cases there. What I wrote a couple of weeks ago still stands:

That “more information” did become available, and the UK has acted timeously on it. Of course I’m sorry that SA lost out on tourism business for three weeks. I know it’s crap. The last 2 years have been crap for all of us. Omicron was out of anyone’s control (and it’s still wildly out of everyone’s control!), and there will be other variants in the future which will probably result in new restrictions and limiting travel. It’s not anyone’s fault.

I know how much the tourist industry needs a good season right now, but as far as I’m aware, the UK (or anywhere else for that matter) has no obligation to send a quota number of tourists here each year. And I’m not a business person, but to me, seemingly relying on a single nation to prop up your tourist industry seems like a worryingly risky approach.

If this was really just about the tourist thing and the stigma of being on a red list, then it does seem as if local social media and news sites should move on now from their… er… “unjustified, unscientific and irrational” stance, and start pressurising the likes of Aruba, Gabon and Kuwait (oh, and “Germany, the US, France and the Netherlands”, obviously) to allow travellers from SA back into their countries rather than pointlessly continuing to chastise the UK.

Really weird that that’s not happening.