Day 649 – Keeping warm and the deleted videos

It’s so irritating when you are just enjoying your life with all your vaccinations in place and then [checks notes] “they turn up the 5G” and you spontaneously combust. I mean, this head might not be quite as packed with knowledge as it used to be pre-Covid, but I’d really prefer that it didn’t explode and then get blamed on Omicron.

So weird that we haven’t heard about this from anyone in Israel, but obviously that’s because “they” don’t want you to know. How fortunate that this guy – his profile pic seemingly taken in his car – has managed to see these videos, and how very unfortunate that he can’t seem to share them.
Anyway… tomorrow, “they” are going to turn up the 5G in the USA, so if you are over there and feeling a bit chilly (I’ve seen photos of much snow in Washington DC this week) then simply stand next to… well… someone I guess, and enjoy the warmth as they ignite because of the “turned up 5G”.

Probably best to wear something that can be wiped down easily.

And in more serious news, look at the amount of Covid RNA they’re finding in Boston’s sewers.


As we’ve mentioned before on here, the presence of increased viral (Covid) RNA in wastewater is a really good predictor of an upcoming Covid wave in the particular place that the wastewater comes from. But it’s the sheer amount of the viral RNA that is so incredible. The other waves are so small that they almost seem to even not exist in comparison.

I could hardly wait for the 3rd January update, but it turns out that this is in American and that’s the 1st of March.

By which time everyone will have exploded anyway.