Busy one

Today was a very busy day, so perhaps last night wasn’t the best time to drink copious amounts of very nice red wine. But then, is there actually ever a bad time to do that? Yesterday evening’s choice was a 2015 Proprietor’s Blend from Ormond in Darling. It was very, very good.

My head this morning was less good though, and I had to get the Boy Wonder up to Milnerton to play a SportsBall. This I did, but rather than sensibly dozing off in the car park for three hours, I decided to brave the traffic out to the west coast and wander along Bloubergstrand for a few kilometers. You might not know Bloubergstrand if you’re not from around these parts, but it’s the one with this view:

…of Cape Town and Table Mountain, the latter of which was – as you can see – covered by a fluffy cloud and the former of which was blanketed in some nice, thick pollution.

The photos I took also reminded me that I need to clean my lenses and camera.
Filthy splodges everywhere. Eww.

Back home for a super quick lunch, (the “super” describing the speed, rather than any sort of culinary or gastronomic quality) and then off to the local Scout Hall to help clear out gutters and cut down branches before the winter storms hit.

I walked hard and then worked hard today. I am now officially knackered.

Let’s sit back and see what’s in the red wine cupboard for this evening…

In between

I’m left trying to squeeze another post in between all the events of the day: Dodgeball, shopping (school stuff, nothing exciting), United being robbed at home to Bournemouth (that was definitely a penalty), another emigration goodbye party and another 50th. My good lord!

Tomorrow will be the day of rest AND IT WILL BE OBSERVED.

The back continues to improve, albeit that the socialising and sitting in various restaurants hasn’t really done it much good. But there is another exciting project on the horizon which will likely assist in mending me over the next few weeks and months. But more on that later.

Right now, I’m loading my system with codeine, caffeine and carbs in an effort to be present at this evening’s celebration.

Let’s go and party!*

* T&Cs may apply.