It’s been a day

I am not a fan of shopping, but I had to do some shopping this morning. Thankfully, I managed to get through the ordeal with minimal fuss, but I’m sure that if there was anyone observing (I doubt that there was), then there was no doubting the displeasure with which I did so.

Anyway, that’s done for another few months.

And once the Boy Wonder is back from his evening activities in about an hour (via Uber Dad), I shall be heading the bed asap. I am knackered. A combination of exercise, age, shopping and just… stuff.

Still, at least I’m still very much alive, apparently unlike Afrikaans.

That latter comment prompting Afrikaans speakers all over… er… South Africa to roll out the #1vandie44 hashtag. (No idea what it means: I’m not one of the 44.)
I love everyone commenting on the language in that piece though, basically saying that yes, Afrikaans pretty much still alive, and then reminding us that (bad thing) it was the language of oppression during Apartheid and (good thing?) it’s really useful for insulting people.

A fairly simplistic binary view of things, but for me (and millions of others), the former probably just about outweighs the latter.