Day 608 – Fleck

Great win for United last night, but it was tempered by my having to stay up until midnight to watch it, which has left me completely broken today, and also by the concern over midfielder John Fleck, who seemed to have a seizure on the field during the second half.

Thankfully, medical attention was quickly administered, and apparently, he’s conscious in hospital and asking about the result of the game (he’ll never believe it). But it wasn’t a nice thing to see – and we did see a bit, even though they pulled the feed as quickly as they could.

Fleck had Covid in June while on duty with the Scotland team, but has played 18 games for United this season without incident. Fingers crossed for him for a quick and complete recovery.

Day 604 – Avoid

The Rittenhouse verdict.
An ill-tempered rugby contest, and the inevitable whining about the referee or World Rugby or something.
Eskom sabotage allegations.
More chaotic coalition crappiness.
Anti-vaxxers crying about being arrested at Muizenberg while protesting a mandate that doesn’t even exist*.

There are many good reasons to avoid social media and just sit at home and watch the footy this afternoon.

* ok, this one is quite funny

Day 599, part 2 – Bafana Bafana out of World Cup thanks to this “penalty” “decision”

Full disclosure: I didn’t watch the match – way too late for me right now.
Just catching up now and… well… wow. This one needs sharing for posterity.
You’re Ghana love it.

Thoughts and prayers with the player involved. Unlikely to ever play again, looking at this.
Less sympathy for the referee’s bank account.

Ghana’s 1-0 win (the goal coming from this decision) means that the final table looks like this:

…meaning that South Africa don’t qualify, but Ghana do.


And you can talk all you like about missed chances and winning games you only drew and and and, but there were plenty of other close calls across the world yesterday (not least this amazing game – or this one), whose outcomes weren’t then ruined by a really, really, dodgy decision.

Africa stays laughable. And losing.

Day 583 – The day of rest

13 delicious hours of sleep and I’m still craving bedtime this evening. My recovery skills are not what they used to be. I’m spending the day sitting inside in front of the football.

Tomorrow looks like a proper summer’s day, which probably means I’ll be spending the day sitting outside in front of the football.

Hopefully, it’ll be a better watch than today.

Day 570 – Weekend

After my being broken yesterday morning, we had an enjoyable afternoon out at a friend’s place with sparkling conversation, delicious not-homemade pizza and lots and lots of sitting down. It’s hard to say which was the best bit, but the sitting down was very nice.

Then home just in time to see United bounce two goals in in the last ten minutes to beat the mighty Stoke City:

…and then early to bed.

It’s been a bit of a lazy Sunday. We’re looking forward to the return of our prodigal son, who has had the worst weather for his Scouts survival weekend. Cold (9C), Wet (26mm) and Miserable (3 sad faces*). In the meantime, I’ve lit the fire (the SA equivalent of having to switch your central heating on again) and played some lackadaisical pool.

I’m about to go and sit in front of Everton v West Ham, and even if it’s really exciting, I absolutely reserve the right to fall asleep on the couch like an old man. If the caps fits…

* I don’t know what the SI unit is for Misery