I need to get going

A mildly sniffly nose, a slight cough and the occasional headache are all that remain of my recent Covid infection. And if that doesn’t sound too bad, it’s because it’s really not.


Sadly, exercise is still a bit of a bridge too far, and because of the otherwise very mild symptoms, that’s really annoying. A gentle 2km stroll along the prom in Sea Point yesterday exhausted me, which really shouldn’t be the case. I was in bed by 8:30pm. Again.

Look, I’m already far further on than back in 2021, but it’s so frustrating that I’m breathless after walking up a flight of stairs, and heavy-legged after a short walk. I should be out on the mountain today, doing an easy hike with friends, but given yesterday’s experience, it was always going to be a non-starter.

I’m mindful that each week I miss is going to take several (or more) weeks to recover, and that that ratio is only going to increase the longer I leave it, but the thought of even getting on a bike or going for a run is just beyond me at the moment. Legs don’t work.

The fightback needs to begin soon.

Just not today.

Not what I was going to do

I had – I still have – a plan for a “proper” post about politics. But wow. While I’m on the mend from the nastier symptoms of that virus, the brain fog, the breathlessness and the fatigue.

It’s really draining and it’s not prompting me to get involved with anything serious or requiring thought this afternoon. (Breathlessness was not a factor here.)

Do narcoleptics feel tired all the time? Or is it just an “I feel fine zzzzzz” thing? I ask because I am constantly on the cusp of falling asleep today. And the dangers are real: a comfortable couch at the piano lesson. The subdued lighting at tonight’s dodgeball practice.

These things don’t help…

So the political post will wait for another day. Sadly, it’s not time sensitive: politics isn’t going anywhere.

Me? I’m going to bed.

Day 708 – Mending/Mended

I was supposed to to go for boys’ dinner last night. I went to bed instead.

Good choice. I was broken.

I woke up this morning slightly less broken, but went for a precautionary lie down anyway and fell asleep for 4½ hours. If there has been any lesson that I have learnt over the past 8 months (ok, there have been several), it’s that sleep plays a huge part in recovery.

And so this afternoon has been a bit of catch up with a few of the things I would have wanted to do if I had felt able yesterday. (Sadly, not boys’ dinner, but…) Not too much though, because there’s United on TV tonight and I want to try and make it through to full time.

It hasn’t been a particularly pleasant 24 hours, but it’s still been many hundreds of times better than actually getting the real thing.

Go and get vaccinated. And if you already have been vaccinated: go and get boosted.

Day 498 – Pushing the limits

The boy needed collecting early from school today (why yes, because of news of 2 positive covid cases in his class, of course), and Mrs 6000 was in a VIM (Very Important Meeting). I had to put clothes on for the second time this week and then get into my car – undriven for almost three weeks – and go and save him from the virus (against which he currently has several billion antibodies anyway).

The car started first time, I remembered the way to the school and we both got home safely. Everyone survived.

That all seemed to go quite well, and so I wandered downstairs later for some dinner with a new sense of hope. Dinner was indeed good, and then I packed the dishwasher. And it’s just taken me 10 minutes to get back upstairs. Knackered.

Will I be able to stay awake for Bournemouth v West Brom? The kick off is in just 30 minutes.

I can’t see it happening.