Day 498 – Pushing the limits

The boy needed collecting early from school today (why yes, because of news of 2 positive covid cases in his class, of course), and Mrs 6000 was in a VIM (Very Important Meeting). I had to put clothes on for the second time this week and then get into my car – undriven for almost three weeks – and go and save him from the virus (against which he currently has several billion antibodies anyway).

The car started first time, I remembered the way to the school and we both got home safely. Everyone survived.

That all seemed to go quite well, and so I wandered downstairs later for some dinner with a new sense of hope. Dinner was indeed good, and then I packed the dishwasher. And it’s just taken me 10 minutes to get back upstairs. Knackered.

Will I be able to stay awake for Bournemouth v West Brom? The kick off is in just 30 minutes.

I can’t see it happening.