I need to get going

A mildly sniffly nose, a slight cough and the occasional headache are all that remain of my recent Covid infection. And if that doesn’t sound too bad, it’s because it’s really not.


Sadly, exercise is still a bit of a bridge too far, and because of the otherwise very mild symptoms, that’s really annoying. A gentle 2km stroll along the prom in Sea Point yesterday exhausted me, which really shouldn’t be the case. I was in bed by 8:30pm. Again.

Look, I’m already far further on than back in 2021, but it’s so frustrating that I’m breathless after walking up a flight of stairs, and heavy-legged after a short walk. I should be out on the mountain today, doing an easy hike with friends, but given yesterday’s experience, it was always going to be a non-starter.

I’m mindful that each week I miss is going to take several (or more) weeks to recover, and that that ratio is only going to increase the longer I leave it, but the thought of even getting on a bike or going for a run is just beyond me at the moment. Legs don’t work.

The fightback needs to begin soon.

Just not today.