Trains – now on Uber

I love a bit of clever advertising. And this is clever advertising. Simple stuff, taking a brand that we all know about and informing us that the range of services it offers is expanding, but keeping it all very familiar as it does so.

You can now book train tickets on Uber in the UK, and Ad Wizards Mother have given us some lovely work to tell us about it:

More on that link above, but I think it’s just very clever the way they have extended the messages we’re used to reading about drivers and cars and simply extended them into trains. It seems both completely normal and a bit alien. And because of that, it feels both comfortable and amusing.

And it’s definitely made a splash, which is surely what they were after.

Planes, Trains and… Ships.

We shared with you back in 2010.

We shared with you back in 2011.

We’ve fallen down a bit on finding you online transport tracking options in the intervening 6 years, but now we’re back with a bang – and with

Singularly useless in South Africa, but absolutely invaluable in the UK, you can track every train in Britain LIVE, as if it were a plane or a boat on one of those websites we mentioned above.

There (as an example) is the 13:26 from Lincoln to Sheffield – bang on time as it passes the industrial hellhole that is Worksop.

It’s wholly hypnotic, utterly nerdy and actually rather useful if you’re catching or meeting a train. But since I’m not catching or meeting a train today, I’m just being a hypnotised nerd.

Choo choo, m***********r!

Choo Choo

I caught sight of this photo (appropriately enough) on a photo-sharing site.
I was immediately struck by it. Well, it’s a striking photo, isn’t it?


It depicts, apparently, a rather foggy Aarhus station in Denmark. (For those who are unsure exactly where Aarhus is, it’s usually to be found in the middle of Aarstreet*.) And the photographer in question seems to be one Michael Knudsen, more of whose work can be found here. But for me, nothing quite matches this.

* I shall continue to do this joke every time I mention Aarh… every time I mention that town.