Planes, Trains and… Ships.

We shared with you back in 2010.

We shared with you back in 2011.

We’ve fallen down a bit on finding you online transport tracking options in the intervening 6 years, but now we’re back with a bang – and with

Singularly useless in South Africa, but absolutely invaluable in the UK, you can track every train in Britain LIVE, as if it were a plane or a boat on one of those websites we mentioned above.

There (as an example) is the 13:26 from Lincoln to Sheffield – bang on time as it passes the industrial hellhole that is Worksop.

It’s wholly hypnotic, utterly nerdy and actually rather useful if you’re catching or meeting a train. But since I’m not catching or meeting a train today, I’m just being a hypnotised nerd.

Choo choo, m***********r!

Choo Choo

I caught sight of this photo (appropriately enough) on a photo-sharing site.
I was immediately struck by it. Well, it’s a striking photo, isn’t it?


It depicts, apparently, a rather foggy Aarhus station in Denmark. (For those who are unsure exactly where Aarhus is, it’s usually to be found in the middle of Aarstreet*.) And the photographer in question seems to be one Michael Knudsen, more of whose work can be found here. But for me, nothing quite matches this.

* I shall continue to do this joke every time I mention Aarh… every time I mention that town.