Up, up and away

A really great night last night, but more on that later, because we woke up to thick fog this morning. And while thick fog doesn’t really make for great photography conditions when you’re in it, if you can get over it, then suddenly, everything changes.

And so I grabbed the drone and headed out, and I did manage to get over it, all 80m of thick stuff lying over the Southern Suburbs, and what’s more, I managed to do it just as the sun came up over the Hottentots Holland Mountains out beyond the Cape Flats.

Looking first that way:

And then turning to see the Mountain sitting like some majestic island emerging from the low clouds:

Glorious light. Horrendous rush hour traffic.

Cape Town showing off, if you could only get to see it. Anyway, always nice to slip in an impromptu photoshoot before I get on with my very busy day.
Which, having done, I must now do.

Car Park Fog

Very busy day today. Bit of gym, some photography, some editing – cut short by loadshedding – collecting the kids from school… [YOU ARE HERE] …and then some horseriding, a belated birthday celebration and some football from Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane (again, partly hampered by loadshedding).

So here’s a photo from my car park on Monday evening.

Just a phone pic because I didn’t take my camera (rookie error). A puddle, some fog and some security lighting making for a spooky scene. No editing. The fog was less fun on the way home. It’s all good until someone doesn’t have any working rear lights. Then it’s not good at all. But because that sort of thing happens regularly in South Africa, you have to be ready.

What you can’t see here are the billion mosquitoes from the local wetlands. I promise you that they were there though. I killed about 20 in my car afterwards, and I’d only had the door open for a couple of seconds.

What you can’t smell here is the local sewage plant and oil refinery. I do feel that you’re missing out on the full experience.

Anyway, as mentioned, much to be done, so pop back tomorrow (and every other damn day) for more bloggery.

Two panos

I’m not a huge fan of panorama photos.
Well, I like the idea, but all too often, the actual product never really matches up to what I was hoping for (or even expecting).

Unless you’re going to plan ahead and take your own individual photos and stitch them in lightroom, it’s not going to be a great result.
That said, if you’re willing to acknowledge that you are using a mobile phone and not a DSLR, then your pano app can be fun for sharing a scene on whatsapp (or… er… a blog).

I popped the Mavic up above the early morning mist at home this morning and got this. It’s 21 images stitched together by the DJI software, but then you only get a 0.6MB image.
Still, what a shot (though I say it myself)…

One of those occasions where you really wonder if anyone would notice if you sent it up another 80m.

I didn’t. Obviously.

And then this, from Camps Bay this lunchtime. We had a spare half hour and so we grabbed a quick ice cream and a walk on the beach.

Full size here (10928 x 3520 nogal).

We’d forgotten how amazing Camps Bay can be out of season.
It was nice to be reminded.


UPDATE: I went back the next day and took a real panorama. You… well, you can see the difference. 🙂

Choo Choo

I caught sight of this photo (appropriately enough) on a photo-sharing site.
I was immediately struck by it. Well, it’s a striking photo, isn’t it?


It depicts, apparently, a rather foggy Aarhus station in Denmark. (For those who are unsure exactly where Aarhus is, it’s usually to be found in the middle of Aarstreet*.) And the photographer in question seems to be one Michael Knudsen, more of whose work can be found here. But for me, nothing quite matches this.

* I shall continue to do this joke every time I mention Aarh… every time I mention that town.