This image of a Cape Robin-Chat (Dessonornis caffer) has been sitting in my “photos I might do something with” folder for a little while now. And so I’m going to do something with it.

I’m going to put it on here.

Almost too common visitors to the back gardens over here but rarely photographed (perhaps because they are bread and butter), they can be a bit skittish around humans and a bit aggressive with other birds. Territorial can like to be their middle name.

Great at welcoming in those autumnal mornings with a bit of cheer.

Invited back

Just a quick note to say that I am delighted to have been invited to help out with the school tour to Robben Island again this year. I must be fooling someone doing something right.

Let’s celebrate with a quota photo from the prison museum there:

Looking forward to more amazing learning and bonding experiences, and yes… maybe another traditional solo run around the island in the misty, murky early morning hours.

Quota OBS

Since I’m away, and hopefully working hard, I’ve lined a few posts to tide you over while I’m gone.

That’s not to say that I’ll not post stuff if I get chance. It’s just that I likely won’t get chance, so I’ll pop some posts up just in case.

For example, here’s a quota photo of an Orange-breasted Sunbird (Anthobaphes violacea) at Kirstenbosch, earlier this year:

As autumn closes in (although not here), it’s a lovely reminder of those vivid summer colours.

And an easy way to preserve my post-a-day record.