Day 660 – Hibiscus

Not much time for anything other than some football and a few jobs around the house today, so here’s a quota photo of a Hibiscus flower, taken while I was loitering waiting for my wife outside the shops in Riebeeck-Kasteel last week.

There’s something almost alien about that style (yes, apparently that’s the technical name).

I wonder if John Wyndham had them in his garden as a child?

Day 627 – Pilsum Lighthouse

I’m heading down south today, so here’s one I wrote yesterday:

You know me. I like lighthouses.

Here’s a different one, from Pilsum in Germany.

Built in 1891 in the very North Western corner of Germany, it sits on a dyke, and guarded the entrance to the Ems?hörn channel. But then they moved the channel and so it was no longer required. It’s been just sitting there looking garish since 1915.

Well done to the Germans for keeping it. More defunct lighthouses as landmarks, please.

Day 606 – Flowers

When we bought this house, we inherited paid lots of money for the garden as well. The previous owner was an enthusiastic and very competent gardener, and thus the garden is amazing. When we moved in in February, it looked good, but this being our first spring, we are amazed to see the number of flowers everywhere.

I could take a photo of the flowers, but to get them all in would be difficult. So instead, I chose to use a bit of ICM to get the overall effect without having to concentrate on any of the detail.

Beagle-eyed horticulturists will surely recognise a couple of types of roses, at least one hydrangea and a plethora of Alstromeria spp.


Day 584 – What this blog isn’t

This blog isn’t simply going to be a list of posts including photos I have taken of birds. I know there’s been a lot of that of late. But recently, there have been a lot of birds in my vicinity and it was either ignore them completely (which would have been very rude) or take their photos. I’m generally not a very rude person, and so I’ve been taking their photos, and in the absence of being able to do much else at the moment, I figure I may as well share them here.

This little guy might be big on your screen right now but he’s actually just 7cm long and weighs about 8g. That’s less than a R5 coin. On the plus side, he’s actually worth more than a R5 coin in dollar terms, and that’s because our economy is utterly buggered.

He’s a Swee Waxbill (Coccopygia melanotis), part of a small flock that have become regular visitors to our back garden; possibly to visit the plentiful selection of birdbaths and the regularly refilled bird table, but most likely just because of the sparkling company on offer.

Come back tomorrow for possibly fewer bird images with accompanying text.