Lion around

Absolutely no need for that pun. Gym and singing exam both went well, thanks for asking.
I’m watching a bit of Liverpool and Manchester City before we head out for a braai at a friends’ place.

So here’s a quota lion from last year on the Garden Route.

This one was so close to the safari vehicle that she didn’t even fit on the frame of the not ever so powerful lens that I was using. She could have just leapt in and eaten any one of us.

I – very sensibly – positioned myself just behind my daughter at this point. Just so I could get a better angle on the passing animals. No other reason.

Slip one in

Between a horse show with the rich and infamous this morning, and a Matric Dance this evening, I’m a bit pushed for time.

I can’t share any Matric Dance photos because it hasn’t happened yet and I can’t really share any horse show photos because I don’t have permission from the horses the riders, so let’s quickly look for a Quota Plover.

Ah, here we go.

This one is your stock standard White-Fronted Plover (Charadrius marginatus), taken on the beach near Suiderstrand back in June. Just look at that Winter light.

And that’s going to have to be your lot for today. Tomorrow: a lie-in and a braai.
Probably in that order.


The recovery continues: now it just feels like I’ve got a nasty cold and my legs are made of concrete. Everything is taking so much effort to do. But I am getting there.

Only had time for a quick look at the photos I got over the weekend away, but this barn looked deliciously typical of the area, and deserved a snap. Trouble is, does it even count unless you stick a 1970s/80s film style sort of filter on it?

The faded reds are especially important.

I’ve obviously done some of that stuff, but then dialed it back a bit so as not to cause too much offence. But it’s been quite fun playing with some of the sliders to try and achieve that look.

Anyway, I’m not saying that I’ve nailed it. Just that it’s an approximation. But this photograph was taken on a digital camera in 2023. I didn’t just get it back from the local chemist after ticking the “Express Service” box.

Remember those days?

Least said, soonest mended

Still under the weather. But definitely on the mend. Loads to catch up with tomorrow, so hopefully this improvement continues.

Here’s a QP of the inside of the Robben Island lighthouse:

Those LEDs visible to a distance of 44km, thanks to the Fresnel lenses surrounding them.

And the only lighthouse light in SA that oscillates by switching the lamp on and off, rather than by rotating.

The more you know…

Finding images

I’m in the process of going back through the last few years of my photos, looking for some pictures to print for the wall in the new bar.

I do think my ‘togging has improved, but there are still one or two from pre-Covid that might just make the shortlist.

This Cape Sugarbird isn’t one, not least because of the ridiculous crop, but it’s still quite fun.

And it does work very nicely as a quota photo for today’s post.