Viewz for dayz

Everyone is busy at this time of year. I am also busy.
Who am I to buck a trend like that?

We’ve just got the boy back from an exciting, fulfilling, but exhausting Scout Camp, and there are a million tales of derring do which need to be told. I’m ready to listen. We’ve missed him.

Quota photo time then. And another one from the DuToitskloof Pass on Monday:

That’s the Paarl Valley there in front of us, with the Paarl Mountain in front of us and beyond that – under a wisp of white cloud in the distance – Table Mountain, some 65km away. Looking out west was equally breathtaking (although decidedly less busy), but I haven’t edited any more photos, so you’ll just have to imagine what it was like.

(Spoiler: It was equally breathtaking, but decidedly less busy, like I told you.)

Sugar for the pill

I was sitting in the traffic on the M3 this morning, listening to the new Slowdive album.

The traffic was awful, a thousand cars, each occupied by a single individual, waiting in line merely for the opportunity to join another queue on the other side of the lights.
And then, just as the amazing release kicked in on this track at 3:08, the peachy morning sun hit the top of Table Mountain.
The timing was impeccable.

And suddenly, everything was alright.

For a while, at least.

Cows can wait

I was going to tell you all about the cows that invaded “my” suburb of Sheffield over the weekend.
And I also had a paint-by-numbers politics post in mind.

But then tonsillitis hit our younger one and everything went south.
And geographically-minded readers will be well aware that there isn’t much south of here. Serious stuff, then.
Thus, let’s look for a quota photo.


Here’s the back of Table Mountain after this weekend’s (much needed) rain: the multiple cascades which end up running through Newlands Forest, into the Liesbeek River, into the Black River and then into Table Bay – as if it isn’t full enough already.

I need to get a (strictly medicinal) brandy now and head off to bed early. Experience dictates that it’s unlikely to be an undisturbed night. As for you – well, you already have a clue about what’s likely to be on here¬†tomorrow. Take it or leave it.

Good night.


We live in a beautiful world. Yes we do. Yes we do.
And I happen to live in one of the more beautiful bits.

Here’s Table Mountain showing off in NatGeo’s pic of the day.


That’s Table Mountain in front of you in Brendon Wainwright’s shot. Camps Bay is to the right, the City Bowl to the left and, over the shoulder of Devils Peak, the Southern Suburbs.

It’s nice, isn’t it?