An utterly filthy day, as predicted. 42mm of rain in the back garden so far.

I took Mrs 6000 into town to get her passport back, and with it came added visa-ry goodness, so we’re all clear for takeoff to Europe in a few weeks time on #6kTrip23.

On the way back, we were astounded by the amount of water coming off the back of Table Mountain, so I grabbed my camera and popped down to Newlands in the pouring rain to ‘tog it quickly. You can probably imagine that the light wasn’t all that it could be for this enterprise (it was horrendous), and so I was most delighted to make use of the new AI-powered (because what isn’t these days?) denoise tool on Lightroom.

I mean, this is far from great, but it was a lot further from great before I pressed the button on the computer screen.

And while it isn’t going to win any awards, this does at least document the waterfalls, which we’ve seen before, but were much bigger than usual. And the scale is important, but not hugely visible in this pic.
The total height from where I was standing to the top of the rock is 950m. I think this little lot were probably dropping around 500m.

I’m back to my car park this evening, and I’ll probably take the camera along because wet days are the best days there.