Not a night in front of the fire

It’s been an exceptionally chilly few days in the Western Cape. There is quite a lot (or more) of snow to be seen on the mountains from our bedroom window – like this – (and, I expect, from plenty of other places too).

I was looking forward to an evening in front of the fire and a nice warm TV. I’ve been busy all day, I’ve knocked out an hour in the gym, I’ve driven kids and the domestic all over the place and I’ve shopped so that we have food for the next few days.

I thought I was doing ok.

And then the Dodgeball bombshell dropped. Training: 7-9(ish) way up North. A return to my car park. It’s not like it is an unreasonable request; it’s a perfectly reasonable request that I had somehow put out of my mind when planning my evening.

Le sigh.

I will again attempt to be back home in time for the second half of the footy.