A breath of fresh Eire

Exciting news in that we have booked some flights to Ireland for a break in the school holidays in June and July. Having only been to Ireland for the briefest of times before, I’m looking forward to seeing some more of it, and enjoying more than just a couple of airport terminals.

If you are expert on touristy stuff to do it Ireland – especially involving Dublin and Cork – please can you email me with your hints and tips on 6000<at>6000.co.za?

Also added into the visit will be the Isle of Man, and London and/or Barcelona, depending on how things pan out. Looking at the way that the Rand is tanking like a German-supplied armoured vehicle heading for Kyiv, I think we need to book everything over there as soon as possible.

I’ve had a quick at accommodation, and I’m already terrified – I literally thought that I’d added several (or more) extra nights, so plainly wrong were the prices, but then I checked and… it was all correct. Interestingly, accommodation in London (and I’m comparing like with like here) is about half the price: so only eye-wateringly pricey, and not ball-wringingly expensive. Is Ireland actually Norway in disguise?

Anyway, the flights are booked and so we’re on our way, even if we end up sleeping in a wheelie bin.

Happy days. Excitement. Probably some Irish beer. #6kTrip23