Buy a ticket, help the Green Mambas get to Cairo

SA’s “Green Mamba” Dodgeball teams – yes, including our son – are heading for the World Cup in Cairo in December. December might not be a long way off, but Egypt is, and with aircraft fuel prices being what they are at the moment, everyone involved is trying their hardest to raise the huge amount of money required to get the squads there.

You can help!

Buy your tickets here:

One of the fundraising ideas is a raffle, with tickets at just R25 each (£1.23, $1.38), and an array of wonderful prizes available for the winners. What’s more, with ticket sales capped at 3000, and 100 prizes promised, your chances of winning are almost better than Jacob Zuma’s opponents in his next court case.


You can sponsor individual players (like ALEX) (that’s ALEX), with the money being split 70:30 to help with getting the coaching staff etc over as well. Or you can choose your donation to be spread evenly across the the whole squad. Every little bit helps.

Buy your tickets here:

Please buy tickets. Please spread this post. Please spread the word.
Let’s get the Green Mambas to Cairo!!!