Quota Instagram photo

Taken earlier this week in Claremont.
Winter sunrise in Cape Town. Gorgeous.


I’m out in the sticks again this long weekend, ahead of a hectic week in the lab, so some relaxation is not a bad idea. Braai done, beer done and brandy in hand, I’m uploading this and then I’m going to hit the sack.

And why not?

Feeling cheated…?

I’m told by a usually reliable source that some readers feel cheated when they surf the internet and arrive upon the sandy shores of 6000 miles… only to find that a quota photo.

Well… sorry for you.

Hectic day in the lab, babysitting this evening, football match tonight.

So here’s a sunrise that looks uncannily like a nuclear explosion, although we wouldn’t have one of those in SA, because, as JZ pointed out yesterday, everyone should be giving up nukes like South Africa did.

Bigger on black here. (The photo, not Jacob.)