Day 589 – Light trails on the IOM

Quick and easy blog fodder for 6000 miles… – it’s got Isle of Man photos, drones and at least a lighthouse, so why wouldn’t you expect to see it on here? Something of a magnificent trifecta for the site.

Here’s where you need to be.

That little light is called “The Winkie” (stoppit already!) and is right at the very top of the Isle of Man. Photographer Glenn Whorrall has attached a big light to his drone and flown it around the lighthouse in a circle while taking a long exposure image on his camera. Like a more high tech, controlled version of this.

Very effective.

There are more photos similar to this one above castles, forts (must have got airport permission for this one) and cottages on the link above. It’s a wild new way of photographing at very traditional buildings and I’m here for it.


Day 290 – More Star Stuff

After yesterday’s astonishing star size facts, here are some more astonishing stars from the chilly Isle of Man, courtesy of FOTB Chris Wormwell (you may remember him from such posts as CJ Wormwell still making lovely photographs and Chris’ PoA sky & lighthouse p0rn).

This one is a timelapse of the Milky Way, taken from The Phurt, down in the North of the Isle of Man.

Lovely stuff, and almost difficult to remember (because of the tholtan and the bush remaining static), that’s it’s actually us that is spinning and the galaxy that’s standing still.

You can see the rest of Chris’ Youtube channel here (he recently got a drone) and his Flickr is here.

Day 196 – A new challenger approaches

Wandering through that Manx group this morning on Facebook and suddenly was stopped by this:

Technically, this doesn’t count as an RBOSS, because it’s Douglas Bay, not Ramsey Bay.
So this is a DBOSS.

It’s not quite on par with the master’s work, but we’re very much heading that way. And it’s worth noting that there’s no suggestion of that “this is just how it came out of the camera/mobile phone” BS. This is merely overdone and unpleasant, not overdone, unpleasant and untruthful.

But I have to ask – what is it about the East Coast of the Isle of Man that brings the Saturation Slider insanity out in people?

Really. No need.

More publishing

This actually happened last year, but I only recently got a copy of the magazine.

My photos in Old Glory – Steam & Vintage Preservation magazine.

More than happy to share a few of my photographs of my favourite steam engine in all the world. I’ll admit that the competition in that category isn’t huge.

Although… hang on a second…

11 years ago. Wow.