More Friday Ephemera

I’m trying out Pocket again across my devices – it’s excellent | A great timelapse of Earth from the ISS | LoadsheddingEinstein blames the Government | But blames the coal | Zuma booed by “Wolves hidden in the sheep skin… infused in Satanism,” says Mbalula | MEDIEVAL ROCKET CATS! via @JacquesR | Quiz Up now available for Android: byebye productivity | The worst tweets from the Pistorius courtroom, collated | All of the satellites orbiting the earth | I watched this last night. Review? Meh. | But it did have this in the soundtrack | The luckiest pitch invader ever | Where plastic goes infographic | Does a fresh avo feel like the end of your nose? | And finally, I love this octopus pic

Some Few Things

A few things that caught my interest today:

Avon sales are up in South Africa, which is good news for those selling Avon products – and their kids:

“My daughter also took the brochure into school – they both knew that if there were orders then they were sure they were going to have food at the end of the day.”

Volunteer rat trappers required on the Calf of Man. I would do this if I was anywhere near to the Calf of Man. As it is, I will have to continue practising on the moles in my back garden. No bad thing.

I have a bloody earworm from some film my wife watched this weekend. I may need this.

My first homebrew project is underway, with my kit from BeerLab. I’m suddenly concerned over the exact air temperature in my house. Oh, and where I’m going to get 23 litres of beer bottles from in the next week and a half.

The Man United refereeing post which is interesting, but which requires shedloads of extra data before it means very much.

Currently, my favourite song from the new Muse album is Follow Me:


…which will definitely be making an appearance on my RunMix02. Big up to Radio One for the amazing light show in the Live Lounge. Yes, I know it’s radio, but really – why bother at all?

The Rand is currently at R8.92/$ and R14.29/£.
I, like the rest of South Africa, am quietly weeping somewhere deep inside.

Wednesday ephemera

Loads of things to write about but none of them deserving a full post of their own (although some other bloggers may disagree)?
It’s time for Wednesday ephemera!

Please feel free to while away your day with these links:

In a week that gave everywhere except Cape Town some snow, Windguru is predicting 10.2m seas and wind gusts of 91kph for the Mother City on Saturday | Nice wine | xkcd finally comes up with a way of stopping Michael Phelps | The 1% differences that gave TeamGB’s cyclists the edge at the Olympics | Great photos from Brian Micklethwait’s view from the train | And via that, the “battery-shaped” tower that uses less electricity | Batman doesn’t need to hear about Gauteng’s weather again | Data analysis of Star Trek deaths illustrates danger of wearing a red shirt | Baby octopuseseseses | How to make tiny rockets from matches | How big is the moon, really? | Hyperdecant your red wine (really?) | What your suitcase sees post check-in | Following the reindeer by Evgenia Arbugaeva

Please email me with any suggestions for the next ephemera post.

Friday ephemera

The June 1st edition:

Because I have been busy fighting with the outrageous sling and arrows of the WfHII (which is now over and wasn’t actually that bad), I have been left with no clue of what has happened in the outside world over the past few days. Given the state of things when I descended into said week, that’s probably no bad thing. But since I am playing catch up, please enjoy some ephemera with me.

Text from Dog continues to amuse | Someone did a map of where Ludacris has “hoes” | I took a photo of Table Mountain from miles away | Here are the 11 greatest ManBabies ever | Brian Micklethwait described some blog issues hilariously and said some nice things | That slinky on a treadmill video | An amazing collection of contrails pictures | People on twitter use an unfunny phrase | More videos of Apocalypse sounds | 180,000 post-it notes | Firefighter practical exam | Eduard Khil is in a coma 🙁 | The despicable HIVEX has closed down.

There. I hope you clicked through to every single one of those. They are ALL totes worth it.


And they delivered today. Happy times!

You can now listen to (some of) Morten Harket’s new single “Lightning”, here.

Does fracking cause earthquakes? No, says Ivo Vegter, although certain commenters disagree. It’s ok though – Ivo gleefully re-educates them.

Cape Town water is still safe to drink, despite a slight “earthy” taste. It’s just the 15ng/litre of geosmin, like it is every year at this time.

What do you call a fish with no eye? A fsh. As spotted on the menu at Erawan last night. Great place, awesome decor, amazing food.

And now, in the interests of romance, I’m going to sit down and hug a beer in front of some Champions League football.