Give it everything

A late one this evening. Sorry if you’ve been waiting.

An incredibly hot, incredibly busy day. And then a football match.

0-4 down (don’t ask) going into half time, we never stopped believing. Eventual 6-4 winners.

I love this bunch of lads. What a team. We gave it everything.

My top speed was 24.6kph. On a 5-a-side pitch, nogal.
Maximum heart rate? 109%. Sorry doc.
More than 22,000 steps today. Many of them at quite a pace.

A great evening.
But now, I am completely finished, yesterday’s travails catching up with me on top of tonight’s efforts.

Goodnight, readers. I think I’m going to sleep really well.

Rest day

Yesterday, I went to the gym to see if I could survive a workout and therefore pronounce myself fit to play football in the evening. The workout went very well, thanks for asking, and so I pronounced myself fit to play football in the evening. I then played football in the evening.

Dream day.

It was only after playing football in the evening that I realised that I had done a gym workout that morning. 20000+ steps. 600 (or at least the equivalent of 600) Discovery points. All in just under 10 hours. This is what is known in gym/football circles as “a bit much” for one day.

Consequently, today I am feeling battered and I did not want to get up.

I will not be exercising today. I feel that I have earned a rest day.

There is still plenty to be done around the house though, so it’s only a rest from actual exercise, not from life. And that’s sad, because with dark grey skies up above and disappointingly chilly temperatures, I’d honestly rather be in bed.

Top Tip: After playing football

SAVE TIME on telling people which specific bits of you are hurting after playing football by hurting all over, and thus simply using the word “everything”.

I really enjoyed our win on Tuesday evening, and I ran around all over the place doing my best headless chicken impersonation. (3.2km, max HR 179, avg HR 149, max speed 19.7kph). But I am paying for it a little now.

It’s no big deal. The fact that it’s taken 36 hours to manifest just shows that I need a bit more fitness before I can start to recover more quickly. And that’s always on the way, so I’m not concerned. But a bit of a rest day seems like a good idea today. It wasn’t like I felt like running in the rain anyway.

Back to it tomorrow though, with the plan to not feel quite as broken this time next week.

Terms and conditions apply.

Winter is coming

The clocks have gone back in the UK, marking the end of British Summer Time. Of course, that doesn’t really affect us here, where we don’t use British Summer Time, but it does mean that all the football matches in the UK start an hour later than they did just yesterday.

That actually gave me an extra hour before I settled down in front of a warm TV and watched a bit of the good stuff. But today does seem to have flown by. The beagle was thankful to have avoided a bath due to some unexpected, but very welcome, springtime rain.

Last night’s fundraising auction at Scouts was incredibly successful, but also a lot of hard work, and though I slept in a bit this morning, I’m still going to go for an early night tonight. Because that extra hour in the UK means that all the midweek games are going to start at 10pm and finish at about midnight. And I will miss my much-needed beauty sleep.

But right now, the second half of Arsenal and hopefully doomed Forest.