Day 214 – Next project

From one project to the next. A seamless transition. Apart from the seams.

I need to sit down and share my thoughts and photos from an incredible couple of days, but my feet really haven’t touched the floor since I have been back. Some of tomorrow afternoon is looking worryingly clear though, so please expect some kind of recompense for the neglect that I have been heaping upon this godforsaken blog for the past week or so.

It’s not my fault. It’s not anybody’s fault. I’m just really, really busy.
It’s so frustrating.

It’s just sad that you have to suffer a dearth of quality writing, all while knowing deep down that there’s some really poor quality writing coming. Double jeopardy.

Anyway, I did just take 2 minutes out to grab a photo of tonight’s sunset:

Completely untouched and unedited (because I actually don’t have time to touch and edit it right now).

More – and I meanĀ more – tomorrow.

Back to the grindstone.


Day 209 – The late late show

I’ve been charging around all over the place today. And it seems likely that I’m going to be charging around all over the place tomorrow as well. In fact, Sunday looks like the next available day for any sort of relaxation.

Added to that, I need to pre-write a couple of posts for the weekend – just in case. I’m not meaning to be cryptic: all will become clear very soon.

In the meantime, I almost forgot to blog this evening – hence this late, late entry. These things can happen when you’re charging around all over the place.

Day 167 – Can’t stop now

Properly busy day. I are exhausted.

Done loads: helped with drama homework, history homework (x2), english homework, washing, cleaned the house, helped the gardener, found some videos, booked a drone repair, failed to download Adobe Illustrator, fed the family.
Still loads to do.
I’m sneaking a 10 minute blogging break while dinner is cooking and then it’s back to it.

Tomorrow includes a trip all the way into Cape Town. I’ll make sure I have mask, passport and map with me. I may take touristy photos (I may not): it’s been a while.

Hopefully, I’ll have a bit more time and energy to write a bit more tomorrow evening.

Thanks for popping by.

Day 53 – Today: music

I’ve got a busy day full of jobs. The kids are back at (online) school, and there’s DIY, cooking, ironing, making biltong and several (or more) other things to do. So this will be a short post before my nose heads towards the metaphorical grindstone.

My backdrop will be a soundscape consisting of three parts:

BBC Radio 6 music, because obviously.

Disco 2 – the 1994 album by the Pet Shop Boys, to remind me of 1994/5 at Newcastle University (not sure why) – I played this on repeat for months – and because I have been mentally enjoying some of the remixes on there.

And: A Joy Division/New Order stream later on UnitedWeStream later to mark the 40th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death (and to raise money for mental health charities).

Exact details on that are still to be uploaded, but it sounds amazing.

Other live concerts I have enjoyed during lockdown here.


I have several (or more) commitments of varying interest and excitement this afternoon and evening. It probably means that I won’t manage to get a blog post out, and thus I’m going to leave a quota photo here just so there is something to satisfy the needy hordes.

So here’s a miserable day at Slangkop in 2013, for no particular reason other than the one above.

Have a lovely evening.