Day 167 – Can’t stop now

Properly busy day. I are exhausted.

Done loads: helped with drama homework, history homework (x2), english homework, washing, cleaned the house, helped the gardener, found some videos, booked a drone repair, failed to download Adobe Illustrator, fed the family.
Still loads to do.
I’m sneaking a 10 minute blogging break while dinner is cooking and then it’s back to it.

Tomorrow includes a trip all the way into Cape Town. I’ll make sure I have mask, passport and map with me. I may take touristy photos (I may not): it’s been a while.

Hopefully, I’ll have a bit more time and energy to write a bit more tomorrow evening.

Thanks for popping by.

Day 53 – Today: music

I’ve got a busy day full of jobs. The kids are back at (online) school, and there’s DIY, cooking, ironing, making biltong and several (or more) other things to do. So this will be a short post before my nose heads towards the metaphorical grindstone.

My backdrop will be a soundscape consisting of three parts:

BBC Radio 6 music, because obviously.

Disco 2 – the 1994 album by the Pet Shop Boys, to remind me of 1994/5 at Newcastle University (not sure why) – I played this on repeat for months – and because I have been mentally enjoying some of the remixes on there.

And: A Joy Division/New Order stream later on UnitedWeStream later to mark the 40th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death (and to raise money for mental health charities).

Exact details on that are still to be uploaded, but it sounds amazing.

Other live concerts I have enjoyed during lockdown here.


I have several (or more) commitments of varying interest and excitement this afternoon and evening. It probably means that I won’t manage to get a blog post out, and thus I’m going to leave a quota photo here just so there is something to satisfy the needy hordes.

So here’s a miserable day at Slangkop in 2013, for no particular reason other than the one above.

Have a lovely evening.

Busy Thursday

Yesterday may have been a public holiday, but I had so many tasks stacked up for today that I need another one. Now.

So, not much from me here today, except some brief thoughts:

1. The election turned out every bit as disastrously as everyone expected: the government was elected. Again. This always seems to happen.

2. My family managed a total of three vaccinations between us today. We’re all still alive. And will continue to be.

3. And this after I donated blood and my feet felt like I was wearing lead diving boots. Note to self: eat and drink more before chucking a pint their way next time.

4. I have #ProjectOrange work to do so I must go now. I know that only one person reading will know what #ProjectOrange is, and it’s him that needs the work from me. I’ll explain to the rest of you in good time.

5. That football, hey? Brian summed it up very nicely here and here.

Until tomorrow, then?

Busy day, busy week

This time of year is always a little crazy. The end of the school year, prizegivings, concerts, visitors, shopping, general chaos.

It seems that 2018 will be no different. I was literally knee deep in the garden this afternoon, trying to redo the lights out there. Three blown fuses, two exploded floodlights and one electric shock later, I worked out where I had gone horribly wrong, righted it and all is now well.

I think.

Now all I need is some darkness to properly test them. And to plunge the rest of the household into if things haven’t gone quite right.

Yesterday’s post was received rather better than I expected. In fact, I only had one shocked comment about the general tone and language that was used. And that was Mrs 6000. She should know better.

As instructed, I re-read what I had written and I stand by it.
Go big or go home.
But if you do go home, make sure you have a torch at the ready.