Quick list

It’s been a busy n hours since we were last in touch, dear reader.

A birthday, several pizzas, a walk in the park, some new (but actually rather old) brandy, a million bags of lawn dressing, a decent roast dinner,  two Star Wars films and absolutely no partridges in any pear trees.

It’s no wonder that I’m so knackered.

More tomorrow, once I have (hopefully) recovered.

Non stop

Lab work, interviewing nurses in Somerset West, a Skype meeting that went on far longer than it should, home to braai and then pack for a short trip tomorrow (more of that… tomorrow).
It’s past 10 and I’ve only just sat down.

Probably best that you’re willing to settle for a photo of a heron on a tree top, then.
More from a (not really) mystery location tomorrow.

Many Reasons

It’s Mrs 6000’s birthday today, but we’re only heading out to celebrate now, as we’ve been to two other birthday parties already today. What a common time of the year to be born.

Drinking will be involved this evening, so I thought I’d drop this in early, despite the lack of internet at home.

And there are three good reasons why this is all you’re getting today.

Twelve sorts of hectic

Damnit. This is going to be one of those annoying admin posts, isn’t it?
Well, yes. Sadly it is.

Unlike some of the local bloggers, for me, work is definitely not a sideline. I enjoy my job and I like making a difference. But sometimes, work goes super crazy and leaves no time for anything else. This is one of those times.
While I’m hugely grateful to whoever decided that we could have a four day weekend (I guess that would actually be Pontius Pilate, although I suspect that there may have been political interference in his big decision), it does seem to be the case that the work of five days work has to now be fitted into four. Bear in mind that last week was also shortened by Human Rights Day and next week is prefaced by Easter Monday (or Family Day as it is known here) and you can understand that there’s suddenly a lot of work that needs to be fitted into not very much time.

Since I am still not allowed to bring anything other than clerical work home after that time that our son (then 8 months old) was found chewing a vial of MDR-TB in the playroom, and still annoyed by the fact that bacteria consistantly fail to observe public holidays, I’ve been a bit snowed under – hence the recent epidemic of quota photos etc. And for that, I apologise.
If blogging were my full time occupation, I fear that I would be teetering on the edge of the precipice of unemployment, with my manager’s boot all too ready to apply the required nudge to my arse. Fortunately, that’s not the case, but the downside of that is that you don’t get the high quality writing you have come to expect and love from 6000 miles…

Not being religious, I am still holding onto the forlorn hope that this weekend will not come with too many committments and time will therefore be available for Quality Blog Postings, the production thereof. However, with two small kids to entertain and bugs that will certainly need attending to at some point, maybe you shouldn’t hold your breath.