Day 214 – Next project

From one project to the next. A seamless transition. Apart from the seams.

I need to sit down and share my thoughts and photos from an incredible couple of days, but my feet really haven’t touched the floor since I have been back. Some of tomorrow afternoon is looking worryingly clear though, so please expect some kind of recompense for the neglect that I have been heaping upon this godforsaken blog for the past week or so.

It’s not my fault. It’s not anybody’s fault. I’m just really, really busy.
It’s so frustrating.

It’s just sad that you have to suffer a dearth of quality writing, all while knowing deep down that there’s some really poor quality writing coming. Double jeopardy.

Anyway, I did just take 2 minutes out to grab a photo of tonight’s sunset:

Completely untouched and unedited (because I actually don’t have time to touch and edit it right now).

More – and I mean more – tomorrow.

Back to the grindstone.