Quota Photo Test

I thought that once I* had repaired the file that I had damaged (which just so happens to be the file that underpins the entire blog on www.6000.co.za), that things would be ok. Not so.

It seems that the file in question went out of its way to take other files down with it. Or… something. I’m really not sure how, but it seems that is what has happened. Stuff that once existed, no longer exists and cannot be found. Stuff that was working fine is no longer working fine. Plugins are gone.

I’m not even sure if I can post this. That’s actually why I’m writing it.

Let’s try a quota photo from my dad’s flickr stream, shall we?

Here’s the Sidecar 2 race from this year’s Isle of Man TT races. And that’ll be a sidecar going around Ballacraine.
Probably rather quickly.
As you can see, the traffic lights are out. If he was in South Africa, he’d have to treat the junction as a four-way stop, which would almost certainly damage his lap time.

I digress. Watch twitter or our facebook page for further updates as to the recovery from the #6kCrash.

And once we are back up and running, I’ve still got to do the thing I was trying to do when I caused all this trouble in the first place.
Please have extra Milk Stout on standby. This could get messy again.

* I say “I”, but I was assisted in no small part by The (presumably jetlagged) Guru.
It seems likely that I will require much further assistance from him in the coming days.
This will inevitably cost me some (or more) bottle of red wine, but it’s more than worth it.

TLH 2010 – some admin stuff

As you will have heard, I’m away for a while in the frozen Northern hemisphere – seeing family and friends, but primarily to be at one of a-ha’s final ever concerts in Oslo. Obviously, normal service on the blog (such as it ever is/was) will be somewhat disrupted, but I’d prefer it if you didn’t just forget about 6000 miles… and go and find something of equal or greater quality elsewhere.

For that reason, I’m going to keep posting as much as I can. Apparently, despite its backward reputation, there are some places in Europe where one can access the internet. Of course, many of those posts will involve news and photos from my trip and some may be of a personal nature to my family back in Cape Town.
Not too personal, obviously – you shouldn’t expect to read stuff like “but thankfully, the rash has cleared up now” or anything involving the word “discharge”. I do have some standards.

So, please bear in mind:

  • Comments may be a bit slow to be cleared
  • Emails may be a bit slow to be read.
  • Twitter and Flickr should be updated fairly regularly.
  • It’s difficult to type with frozen fingers.

And I’ll be back at some point in the very near future.

The End


I’m going to keep this brief, because it’s a difficult thing to write. Following on from yesterday’s post and the situation it described and following a lot of thought during a very sleepless night, I have decided to pull the plug on 6000 miles… with immediate effect.
While I have enjoyed much of my time writing all sorts of nonsense on all sorts of subjects, it has become too difficult to fit quality blogging into a hugely busy schedule.

The rise and rise of this blog has made me very proud and I would hate to see it deteriorate to the level of certain other sites. Therefore I think it’s best to go out at the top – or as high as I got, anyway.

Many thanks are due to Mrs 6k for putting up with this extra individual in our lives and to The Guru, without whom much stuff would never have happened. But most of all to you, the readers – especially those loyal and regular commenters.

It’s been a fun ride.


Noon update: Some of my favourite other April Fools included “Labour’s new “Tough Guy” approach” to the election campaign in The Guardian, News24’s “National Anthems to be banned at the World Cup” and The Independent‘s LHC II on the Circle Line brilliance:

It would mean that two beams of protons would be travelling in clockwise and counterclockwise directions at 99.999999 per cent of the speed of light, within feet of Circle line passengers stuck in perpetual immobility.

None of which had me fooled for a moment.
Just like you and this post, right?

Twelve sorts of hectic

Damnit. This is going to be one of those annoying admin posts, isn’t it?
Well, yes. Sadly it is.

Unlike some of the local bloggers, for me, work is definitely not a sideline. I enjoy my job and I like making a difference. But sometimes, work goes super crazy and leaves no time for anything else. This is one of those times.
While I’m hugely grateful to whoever decided that we could have a four day weekend (I guess that would actually be Pontius Pilate, although I suspect that there may have been political interference in his big decision), it does seem to be the case that the work of five days work has to now be fitted into four. Bear in mind that last week was also shortened by Human Rights Day and next week is prefaced by Easter Monday (or Family Day as it is known here) and you can understand that there’s suddenly a lot of work that needs to be fitted into not very much time.

Since I am still not allowed to bring anything other than clerical work home after that time that our son (then 8 months old) was found chewing a vial of MDR-TB in the playroom, and still annoyed by the fact that bacteria consistantly fail to observe public holidays, I’ve been a bit snowed under – hence the recent epidemic of quota photos etc. And for that, I apologise.
If blogging were my full time occupation, I fear that I would be teetering on the edge of the precipice of unemployment, with my manager’s boot all too ready to apply the required nudge to my arse. Fortunately, that’s not the case, but the downside of that is that you don’t get the high quality writing you have come to expect and love from 6000 miles…

Not being religious, I am still holding onto the forlorn hope that this weekend will not come with too many committments and time will therefore be available for Quality Blog Postings, the production thereof. However, with two small kids to entertain and bugs that will certainly need attending to at some point, maybe you shouldn’t hold your breath.

Statpr0n and three big moments

I was flicking through some WordPress plugins and seeing what they could do for 6000 miles…when I realised that there are three fairly large moments rapidly approaching. And, quite conceivably, they could all arrive on the same day. Although I will not be making any particular effort to ensure that they do. Honest.

Firstly – on January 30th, I will complete my 365th day of consecutive posts. I got the post-a-day idea from the inimitable Brian Micklethwait and I thought I’d see how it went in February. It went well and the rest is, as they say, history. Or soon will be, anyway.
I’ve had to throw the odd quota photo in here and there to keep things going, and – mainly due to intercontinental travel – I have even pre-written a couple of entries, but generally, you’ve had one or more quality posts each day.
It’s been hard work, really hard, sometimes, but readership is up, subscriptions are up and I’ve actually enjoyed the challenge.
Will I continue? I haven’t decided just yet, but it seems likely. Watch this space on 31st January.
And before and after as well, obviously

The second big thing is that I am “just” 10,000 words short of 200,000 words on 6000 miles… blog posts. That’s a whole lot of words and a whole lot of posts considering I (apparently) average just over 300 words per post. One memorable effort didn’t even have any words at all. That must have dragged the average down a bit.  

The last bit of news is that – at an average 8 comments per post – I am almost up to 5,000 genuine (i.e.ham, not spam) comments. This blog would still exist without comments and commenters, but it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting and fun. Posts about the 2009 general election in South Africa were particularly well commented upon, as is any post about the contentious issues in local politics. Quota photos generally don’t get comments, nor do admin posts; those about religion do and that one about The Killers concert really got people going.

I’m going to make an effort to reward my 5,000th comment in some way.
Not sure how yet, but I’ll do it.
And because of all the spam that Akismet sifts out for me, no-one will know who or when it is, save for myself and The Guru. And thus, he’s not allowed to enter. Sorry, The Guru – it just wouldn’t be fair.

This post is 422 words long and is being filed under admin.
All of which means that no-one will actually have read this far.