Quota Photo Test

I thought that once I* had repaired the file that I had damaged (which just so happens to be the file that underpins the entire blog on www.6000.co.za), that things would be ok. Not so.

It seems that the file in question went out of its way to take other files down with it. Or… something. I’m really not sure how, but it seems that is what has happened. Stuff that once existed, no longer exists and cannot be found. Stuff that was working fine is no longer working fine. Plugins are gone.

I’m not even sure if I can post this. That’s actually why I’m writing it.

Let’s try a quota photo from my dad’s flickr stream, shall we?

Here’s the Sidecar 2 race from this year’s Isle of Man TT races. And that’ll be a sidecar going around Ballacraine.
Probably rather quickly.
As you can see, the traffic lights are out. If he was in South Africa, he’d have to treat the junction as a four-way stop, which would almost certainly damage his lap time.

I digress. Watch twitter or our facebook page for further updates as to the recovery from the #6kCrash.

And once we are back up and running, I’ve still got to do the thing I was trying to do when I caused all this trouble in the first place.
Please have extra Milk Stout on standby. This could get messy again.

* I say “I”, but I was assisted in no small part by The (presumably jetlagged) Guru.
It seems likely that I will require much further assistance from him in the coming days.
This will inevitably cost me some (or more) bottle of red wine, but it’s more than worth it.

6 thoughts on “Quota Photo Test

  1. Paul > “Borked”? “css”? I completely and utterly destroyed the 300-line long functions.php file.

  2. Mr 6000 and his family visits a restaurant.

    As they sat down, a mouse jumped on to the table and began lugging plates around, serving mashed potatoes, cutting the roast beef.

    Mrs 6000 asked her husband: “Does he always do that?”

    The mouse said: “I will admit that this is a curious situation. Allow me to explain. For one thing, I am African. For another …”

    “Serve the goddammed food!” Mr 6000 roared.

    “Don’t get so excited” the mouse said and went back to work.

    Turning to his wife, Mr 6000: “Now, about this strange thing that happened to my functions-file … “

  3. Absolutely no idea about technical stuff but LOVE the photo. Have great friends who lived in HK same time as us and moved back to IOM and always bang on about the TT racing – now I know what it looks like! Thanks

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