Writing in advance

We’re about three weeks from heading off to Northern climes, and so my thoughts are turning towards pre-writing posts for our time away, so that if I don’t have time or inclination (or I’m not able) to blog while I’m away, then there’s still something for you to read on 6000 miles… each day.

And if I do get a post done on any given day while I’m away, well, then you get double the disappointment excitement.

Basically, that means writing a couple of posts each day until we leave, publishing one and scheduling the other. I’m usually pretty good at doing that, but I do always have to add the proviso that because these posts are written in advance, and this is a blog at the cutting edge of current affairs, then the subject matter that they cover might have somehow changed: Putin might have dropped the nuclear bomb, Sheffield United might have signed Haaland, Eskom might have sorted the loadshedding problem once and for all.

Sadly, those are most likely in order of probability.

Anyway, on a happier note, if I don’t mess up by writing about something that then immediately becomes dated, you probably won’t even notice the difference each time you access your favourite daily blog.

Or this one.

Day 110, part 2 – Dates

A quick admin note.

After several (or more) requests from readers and one request from me to The Guru, posts on 6000 miles… once again display the date on which they were posted.

You can see this reinstated feature just here:


Woo… Trippy.


This is helpful for readers both when trawling back through the archives to find stuff, and when finding stuff from the archives and then trying to work out when posted it was posted.

Thanks for sorting this, The Guru.


6000 miles… Always Listening™


OK, so what follows is…

OK, so what follows is… well, for the next few weeks at least… is a combination of pre-written posts and juicy fresh content.

Pre-written posts because I want to have a break without having to be concerned about needing to blog every day, and there’s no way I can guarantee a decent (or indeed any) internet connection wherever we may be. But I recognise that there’s a demand for blog posts on here and I want to keep that record of a post every day going. Because I’m a bit obsessive like that.

Deal with it.

Also, I’m trying an experiment whereby I publish a post at the same time each day: 0800 CAT in this particular case (like this one, see?). Apparently, this is the best way to blog [citation required], although I tend to just post stuff once it’s written. And usually it’s not written by 0800 CAT. However, when you’re writing stuff in advance, it’s always written by 0800 CAT. So I’m giving it a go.

Oh, and juicy fresh content because I enjoy blogging, because my most important reader is me and because there will inevitably be things I will want to share while we’re away. If interest, internet and inclination ever meet (and I’m sure that they will), I’ll be popping thoughts, photos, opinions and whatever else on here.

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Weirdly (for us at least), we’re only flying out later this evening, so we’ve got a spare day to get all those last minute jobs to get done. Hair will be cut, the beagle will be bathed, the housesitters will get their final instructions, decisions on which bottles of brandy will be packed will be made (spoiler: it’s most of them).

I am trembling with mounting anticipation.

Not uploading

My WordPress app is broken. I can write posts fine – no issues there. It’s when it comes to actually putting them on the internet that the problems occur. Failed uploads left, right, and as you might have already imagined, centre.

I’m tempted to tweak the settings with a big hammer, but since there’s still a viable web-based alternative (and there is still a viable web-based alternative if you are reading this), I’ll leave it for now.

More tomorrow. No matter what it takes.


Look out. Admin post ahead.

It’s been a week since we made some big changes to the appearance of 6000 miles…
I still like it. It’s a good start.

One technical thing which changed along with the front end of the blog was the system for commenting. It’s moved over onto Disqus:

a worldwide blog comment hosting service for web sites and online communities that uses a networked platform

‘Disqus…’ = ‘Discuss…’ Because it’s a comments section. Geddit?
I’m ashamed to say that it took me a while. I was thinking about the Olympic frisbee thing.

Disqus does require you to log in to use it, but it’s a once off thing (assuming that you click the “remember me” box when you log in) and I hope it doesn’t put too many people off. Also, if you’ve already commented since the change, you may have noticed that your comment was held for moderation. I get to them as quickly as I can (time zone differences notwithstanding), and you should see your opinion on the page within minutes in most cases. Regular commenters (you know who you are) have been and/or will be added as “Trusted Users”, and won’t have to endure the ignominy of joining the back of the moderation queue.

I hope this answers questions and puts minds at rest.