I have no idea…

I should be in the UK right now, but I’m actually writing this from Cape Town. That’s because I’m writing it now, which is Wednesday.
Confused? No. Me neither. This isn’t a difficult concept to grasp.

One thing I am a little confused about is the degree to which I will be able to connect while I’m (t)here.

I have no idea.

I’m disappearing off to France on Sunday and I have a feeling that things may be even more confusing there.

Look – what I’m basically saying is please hang tight. I will endeavour to provide you with a post each day, although, in the immortal words of Brian Micklethwait, I promise nothing.

Normal service should be resumed (assuming it has been interrupted) on Thursday 28th, when I reach the stability of Manx Telecom and their fantastic internet infrastructure.

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