We spotted Stanley Sibande busking in Nobel Square at the Waterfront on Sunday. Amazing voice.

And then, out of nowhere, he did this: (sadly, I only caught a bit of it on video, but you get the idea.)

Looking him up, he has previous form:

Look we’ve covered Seafret a lot on this blog. And they’re great. But how fantastic to hear a bit of Bridlington in the middle of Cape Town.

And so beautifully sung. Great cover.


I’m still not completely convinced that this isn’t a late April Fools joke.

Because while in a country with no money, massive social and economic issues, no electricity, widespread poverty and rampant unemployment, it doesn’t seem like making a joke about the government spending R22,000,000 on a big flag would be particularly amusing, it’s also exactly the sort of thing that the government would actually do.

And that wouldn’t be funny either.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I see all the arguments they’ve made:

The flag, as the brand image of the country, needs to be highly recognised by the citizens.
This has the potential to unite people as it becomes a symbol of unity and common identity.
The project is envisaged to contribute towards nation-building and social cohesion. 

But I would say that about 100% of the citizens already recognise the flag. And I’d also say that our shared experiences of things like loadshedding and unchecked government corruption are more likely to unite us and be a symbol of our common identity than this project. And that being the case, I’m sure that the spending of this R22 million will absolutely encourage nation-building and social cohesion, as the citizenry come together as one to ask the burning question:

What the actual fuck are you doing spending R22 million on a flag?
Just. Stop.

So is this whole story just a joke? I don’t get it. At all.

Next week, South Africa spends R49million on a giant hamster.
(I just made that up, so it’s probably not going to happen.) (Probably.)


An impromptu trip out this morning took us (amongst other places) to Constantia Wine and Craft on Gabriel Road, Plumstead Constantia.

A fine example of Conspansion if ever I saw one.

But what an interesting shop! I’ve driven past it about a million times, but I’ve never been in.
Obviously, that’s now changed, and I’ll definitely be going back. An amazing range of unusual craft beer from all over SA and Belgium (other nations may also have been represented – I think I saw a Namibian independent brewer or two in there, as well).

And yes, I know I said this,

…and I stand by it. But there is still some good stuff out there too.

They also had some lovely wines from Constantia and beyond. Some of which I’d never heard of before:

Viral gastroenteritis – which is surely the most common revenge of any crustacean-based dish – is a strange choice to name your wine after, and at R500, this bottle from Vredendal was a bit much for me to take a chance on, but I did love the name.

And – a whole few hours before this announcement, this afternoon:

I also spotted this there:


All your favourites (including spirits) are there with a sprinkling of the unusual and the quirky, and it’s well-worth popping in to try something a bit different whenever you happen to be passing.

And no, this is not a sponsored post. I tell you when I do them.

Bit jaded

It’s been a pleasant Mother’s Day here in South Africa. And it was great to be able to celebrate and thank the amazing mother in our family.

We had a fun outing to the Waterfront, playing an escape room game together (and saving the world from a deadly virus) (no, not that one), and grabbing some lunch overlooking a clear Table Mountain.

All of this after a late, boozy night with friends last night. The kitchen looked like Putin had tried to de-nazify it this morning. Three dishwasher loads later, and all is well again, although the recycling guy will have his work cut out on Tuesday.

It’s been a fun day, but it will be an early night tonight.

An easy opportunity to use a gif that was already in my media library

Yesterday (well, just before midnight on the day before yesterday, if we’re being precise), the government issued an extension of sorts to the temporary amendment that it had previously made last month regarding the wearing of masks in public places.

This made a lot of those people very annoyed, but it was actually a good diversion for them to avoid talking about the USA exceeding 1,000,000 (one million) Covid deaths. And even that is a wild underestimation, according to many sources. Just like the flu, they said. But it’s really not.

Anyway, aside from the sleight of hand, the only other bit of good news for those people was that the press release about the extension seemed to suggest that students would no longer have to wear masks in schools. This didn’t make any sense – especially along the other guidelines that were in the same gazette – but since when has this (or any) government ever made any sense?

Anyway, that was the situation until the early afternoon, when someone at the Department of Health finally woke up and realised that there had been an error, and told the country that actually, students would have to wear masks in their classrooms after all.

Wow. The metaphorical cat was placed right among the allegorical pigeons with that announcement.

And lo, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. But it was this hysterical tweet that stood out for me:

Because obviously, I immediately thought of this gif:

And though I have no idea what about the appearance of the individual who came out with those question above, my mind will now always associate them with Helen Lovejoy.

Look, the fact is that anyone can go to their local police station and lay a charge against the Department of Health if they wish. So why leave it for someone else, since you clearly feel so upset? Why wouldn’t you go and do it yourself if you think a crime has been committed? For that to go much further though, that Department needs to have broken some sort of law, which in this case would be… would be… er… “being a bit vague in a late night press release”?

Oh my. Proper Death Row, Throw Away The Key Stuff there.

In the meantime, masks remain for indoor spaces, schools or otherwise, and the numbers – probably affected by two public holidays and a long weekend and Covid fatigue, as mentioned here:

– continue to rise:

Ventilate, vaccinate, mask up, stay safe. And won’t somebody please think of the children?