Day 398 – Broken Clock

I’m no fan of the our local rag the Cape Times, but even though it misses the mark on most everything, even a broken clock is right twice a day (unless it’s a digital clock, in which case, probably not).

The Cape Times is not a digital clock though, and it was probably right with its headline for Freedom Day yesterday.

I didn’t read the article. I didn’t need to.

I’m not claiming that any other government anywhere else is necessarily any better, but I would argue that any other government anywhere else never had the hope and positivity that came before the 1994 elections here. The opportunity for a proper fresh start.

That’s all long gone now, of course.

Day 396 – Easy post for a lazy day

…but this still made me think and smile.
Not least because… well… Shetland Pony on a skateboard.

It’s an unofficial public holiday in SA today (in that the actual holiday is tomorrow, but everyone with a brain also took today as leave), so I’m being a bit lazy, and after a run and a few jobs this morning, I’m slowly settling into 6Music, Geoguessr and Youtube for the rest of the day.

Don’t be so judgemental – you’d love the opportunity to do the same.


Ages (one year) before Mel Gibson did his thing in a kilt, although some time after Bill Wallace allegedly shouted the same stuff, came 1994 and South Africa’s first democratic elections, as today’s Google doodle reminded us.


Much has been achieved in the 21 years, although I think that you’d be absolutely correct if you were to say that a whole lot more could have been done with a bit better government and a great deal less corruption.