See me and win!

After the excitement of the Opening ceremony and the South Africa v Mexico game, you can watch the first game from Cape Town (in which France take on Uruguay) at 2030 CAT this evening. And due to the seats that I’ve been allocated, you might well see me as well.
By my calculations, I should be directly (ish) behind the far corner flag at the left hand end of the field when looking from the main camera point.
Of course, I’ll be surrounded by a few other people, so in order to stand out (and to celebrate my Manx heritage), I will be taking and waving my Manx flag, which looks a bit like this:

…but bigger.

To add a bit more spice, if you spot me and can get a picture of me and my flag on your TV, you can win some footy related stuff courtesy of 6000 miles…
All you have to do is take a quick snap of your screen featuring me and my flag (hint: be ready when there’s a corner on the far left side) and email it to me using the link below. The first email I get with an appropriate picture will be the winner.

Email link: click, attach, win!

Otherwise – enjoy the festivities and if you are going along to any World Cup events in Cape Town or indeed South Africa – GET THERE EARLY!!!!!!

I have no other advice.