Starlink photos?

Let’s cut to the chase. This didn’t happen. But it wasn’t for want of trying.

Here’s what I was up against.

First off, here is the visible sky from Chez 6000 last night. And those teeny tiny red dots right at the very bottom demonstrate the path of the Starlink train. They are very, very close to the horizon.

And it wasn’t even dark. Not even close. Here’s a 4 second exposure of that bit of the sky at that time:

The foreground is out of focus because it’s close to the camera and the satellites are a long way away. The likelihood is that those satellites are actually in this image, but sadly, they were far too dim and the sky far too bright to even dream of seeing them.

I did hang around outside and hope for something… anything. And sunset was pretty, if unremarkable (#noRBOSS).

But there were no satellites.

There are no viable Starlink passes predicted over Cape Town for the foreseeable future. I’ll obviously be revisiting this project at some point when they return.

On strike 

The plan was to upload the photos from the weekend and write a blog post about them. One in particular.

But then the SD card reader went AWOL. To be honest, it couldn’t really have gone AWL, because it doesn’t get any leave. It’s an SD card reader. It has no rights.

Perhaps that’s why it disappeared.

Never mind, I thought. I’ve got a wifi SD card in the camera. Bit of a schlep, but still, it’s an viable alternative.

Unless the monitor on your computer has gone on strike after seeing the way you treated the SD card reader, that is.

Yeah. I know. Technology, hey?

So. Some photos tomorrow then.


NASA Comet Picture Probe Success

Remember when NASA bombed the moon? We all survived and it was a huge anti-climax, but one thing that did come out of it was the infamous high-five fail from LCROSS mission HQ:


Well now their scientists have had more success with the photographing of the Hartley-2 comet after a close encounter… somewhere… out there…

Sadly, it seems that successfully celebrating this amazing achievement is still a little way beyond them:

Shake hands or high-five? Just decide on one and do it.

Come on guys – this isn’t rocket science…

Another Pick n Pay Sausage Fail

Who could forget the infamous Pick n Pay experiment of sticking Pap and Wors in one handy sausage unit – the Worst Wors™ ever?

Well, not content with turning your stomach with that, it would now appear that they are putting Oyster Sauce and Rice Wine in their Boeries and have moved away from recommending braai’ing as the cooking method of choice:

“Opstal” translates as “Homestead”. But out on the small-holding, I’m pretty sure Ouma van der Merwe would never have thought of using those sorts of ingredients before stirfrying her traditional sausage.

The BBC Lifestyle channel has a lot to answer for.